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An old wooden pestle used as a grinding instrument. Pestles are typically made in the shape of a club used in a kitchen, laboratory, and pharmacy.

A glass bottle with Frank S. Fearns, Pharmacist, Main Street, Maynard, Mass., label adhered on the front. For many years he ran a drug store in Fowler's Block, on Main St. He sold the business to Alfed A. Minahan, who in turn sold it to Irving…

A prescription bottle from Manning Pharmacy from 1976. The prescription was issued by Dr. Wehr and filled by Richard Sluyski, Registered Pharmacist at Manning Pharmacy.

A bottle of soothing syrup designed for children with pain due to teething, irritability, and colic. Interestingly, the directions are written in four different languages. It was 8% alcohol.

H. J. Dwinell purchased the pharmacy from Ben Johnson…

A prescription box filled by Frank S. Fearns, Pharmacist. His pharmacy was located on Main Street, Fowler's Block, Maynard, Mass. The prescription was issued by Dr. Edward J. Flaherty. It is dated January 20, 1931.

A pill bottle from Wilder X. Macurda, Pharmacist, prescribed October 1, 1920. Dr. E. J. Flaherty is the prescribing physician. Macurda's Pharmacy was located at 10 Nason St., Maynard, Mass.

A small box containing Aristol, prepared by A.C. Loewe Pharmacy. Julian Loewe had a pharmacy in one part of the Odd Fellows Building, built in the late 1890's. Aristol was iodine-based and used for cuts, burns, and sores.

An advertising card for Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound from Charles W. Wells, Druggist in Maynard, Mass.

A bottle of oil cedar from Wilder X. Macurda, Pharmacist. It is labeled a poison. Wilder X. Macurda was a prescription pharmacist located at 10 Nason Street, Maynard, Mass.

Two brown, glass bottles from the Johnson Pharmacy, Maynard, Mass.

Frank Fearns, Pharmacist, for many years ran a drug store in Fowler's Block, on Main St. He sold the business to Alfed A. Minahan, who in turn sold it to Irving Manning.

The blue medicine bottle came from the home of the late James J. Morgan of…

A clear-colored bottle with the inscription of B. F. Johnson & Son Maynard, Mass embossed on the front panel.

One small, brown-glass medicine bottle with the Johnson Pharmacy logo embossed on it.

A blue, glass medicine bottle from B. F. Johnson & Son Pharmacy. It was found in the Assabet River on Aug. 30, 1967.

A blue glass bottle for medicine with the inscription of B. F. Johnson & Son, Maynard, on the bottom.

Macurda's Pine Tar Balsam was used for throat and lungs, coughs, colds, and bronchial asthma coughs. Bottled by Wilder X. Macurda, Ph.D., 12 Nason St., Maynard. Mr. Macurda ran a pharmacy on Nason St. for a number of years. He was a pharmacist for…

A blue medicine bottle from B. F. Johnson & Son Pharmacy, Maynard. They ran a drug store in Maynard from 1874, located near the corner of River & Main Streets. Johnson purchased the apothecary from Thomas Wouldhave on Main Street and later moved to…

A blue medicine bottle from B. F. Johnson & Son Pharmacy.

The pharmacy did open in the 2010's in a new store on Main St., closed in 2019.

Two Prescription books from Johnson Pharmacy, the first with prescriptions 27001 to 29999; the second with prescriptions 97751 (Oct. 23, 1903) to 110135 (Feb 10, 1905).
Each prescription is pasted in order in the book, with the ordered drug, doctors…