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A wooden sign for the Maynard Board of Public Welfare. At some point between 1921 and 1947 the Overseer of the Poor title transitioned to the titled Board of Public Welfare.

Ken Olsen in front of newly installed digital sign in front of the mill.

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An advertising sign for the Powder Mills "Dead Shot Powder" product. This powder was manufactured by the American Powder Company at it's mills in Acton and Maynard.

A white sign stating an attendance policy for American Woolen Company employees. The sign states: "Employees will not be allowed to enter the mill until 15 minutes before their starting time".

Astwood & Townsend Plumbing business sign. Mr. Townsend was in the plumbing business with A. D. Holt. Mr. Astwood joined the firm and later Mr. Bemis joined. The firm finally known as Warren E. Bemis Co. It was located on Nason St., until 1970.

A Maydale Beverage Company advertising sign that was used by the Maynard Bottling Company of Glendale Street, Maynard, owned an operated by Paul Hilander. The orange and ginger ale bottled by this company was known throughout the entire Eastern…

A metal sign for Lerer's Store. The store outfitted the entire family with clothes and sundries. The store was owned by Samuel Lerer and located on Main St., Maynard, 1916-1930's.

Two Centennial sign posted at the outskirts of Maynard during the Centennial celebrations.

Two Serv-U Shop signs was made by Miss Marion F. Spinney from a piece of wood from her home. The Serv-U Shop was located on Nason St. in the Naylor Block. Miss Spinney was the originator and owner of the Shop from 1924-1967. The Shop dealt in…

This sign was used for many years at the old Town House. It hung on the outside of the building under the Tax Collector and Treasurer Office.

Sign sent to a member of the Middlesex County Farm Bureau affiliated with the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation and the American Farm Bureau Federation. The member is listed as Charles Bjorkleand, likely meant to be Bjorklund.

Poster advertising the 1990 Autofest held at the Maynard Rod and Gun Club.

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Large promotional wall sign, one magnetized.

These two signs came from the school department office.

A metal sign that advertised the appliances in the store.

A yard sign used to identify properties for sale by Paul Boothroyd's Classic Properties.

Paul Hilander, owner of the Maydale Spring Company of Maynard, owned a cottage at Lake Boon and had this sign over the front door. Later the cottage was owned by John Kennedy. The sign was reversed and lettered "Cuddle Doon". The cottage was…

These signs were posted to help the employees know where they were in the Mill. (Similar wayfinding signs were used in other Digital facilities.)

MLO12-2 means Maynard Mill, building 12, 2nd floor.

Prior to July 1982 all Digital buildings had…

Advertising sign informing Digital employees.