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A Maynard Area Auto Club sign for the "1989 Shine & Swap Auto Fest".

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A 4 lb. wooden Indian Club from the Tarmo Athletic Club at the Parker St. Hall.

DEC had an active model railroad club.

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A horn trophy from the Kanto Athletic Club (A.C.) Collection.

This is the stamp insignia of a camera club that existed in the 1930s.

Members included: Leslie Rivers, Arvi Stabell, Walter Luoma
Olavi Lampila, E. Saari, Rubin Aromaa, George Sivonen, Ray Niemi,
Herbert Puotsala, John Paakki, Sam Micciche.

The Italian Social Club purchased 62 Waltham St. from Carmela Ferrara in 1938. The club, via Henry Mariani, borrowed $2500 from the Cambridge Federal Savings and Loan Association which was paid off in 1942.

The club became inactive after 2000 mostly due to death of members.

Names listed in dues ledger:
Carlo Angelosanto, Joel Cohen, Wasil Chernax, Antonio Colombo, Kenneth De-Mars, Louis Fava, Frank Falcucci, Louis Florio, Edwin Ferrari, Burton…

A small metal 4H pin.

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A booklet published at the time of the Clubhouse and Grounds reopening.

Active Members include:
Michael Tomyl, Harvey Sahlsten, Alfred Tetreault, William Hyden, Albert Connors, Alex Nelson, William Johnson, Stanley Sofka, John McNamara, Eugene…

A participation lapel pin and ribbon celebrating the inauguration of the Maynard chapter of the Elks.

The bat was used by Thomas Murray of Maynard while a member of the Maynard Cricket and Athletic Club.

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The "Don’t You Wish You Knew?" club was a social group started in 1899 by local businessmen with membership limited to 20 with the apparent goal of sponsoring elaborate masquerade balls.

In the days before the canned entertainment of radio and television, people created their own diversions - and dances were immensely popular.

A history of one of the major clubs in Maynard whose origins stretch back to the turn of the 20th century.

At the turn of the 20th century the "Maynard Players" was the source of dramatic productions in Maynard, but it had gone inactive. In 1936 some new folks in town tried to revive the old group, but were unable - so they formed a new troupe: the…

The Twilight Club was a social organization, founded by members of St. Bridget's church, which maintained a clubhouse on Lake Boone in Stow as a summer retreat for 60 years (1904-1964).

An account of a short-lived social club that formed in 1910 and was disbanded 8 years later because nearly all of the members were fighting in World War I.

The story of a short-lived association of cycle riders in the early 1900s.

A chronology of the Maynard Cricket Club which operated from 1901 - 1925.

A historical account of the, somewhat curiously named "All American Club", which was started to continue interest in Finnish culture.