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A summary of milestones of Digital Equipment Corporation's evolution from 1957 to 1990

A handbook for Digital employees providing background on the company, its founding principles, offices, products, and laundry list of HR policies and procedures.

A set of hands from the Maynard Mill Clock on the North side. The clock built in 1892 by the Assabet Manufacturing Company was completly refurbished in 1980 by Digital Equipment Corporation.

A team photograph of the Assabet Valley Little League (AVLL) team "The Digits" who were sponsored by Digital Equipment Corporation.

Row 1 (front):
Bob Wuorio (bat boy)
Phil Buscemi, Jr.
Gerry Richardson
Bruce Whitney
Alfred Whitney,…

A whimsical 1978 calendar from Digital's Sales Training group. The days of each month are shown in hexadecimal (base 16). The calendar references the VAX-11/780 computer, the initial model of the VAX series which was introduced in 1977.


A photo of the first Board of Directors of Digital Equipment Corporation.

(L-R): Henry Hoagland, Jack Barnard, Jay Forrester, William Congleton, Harlan Anderson, Ken Olsen, Dorothy Rowe, Vernon Alden, Arnaud de Vitry, and Wayne Brobeck


A photograph of Kenneth Olsen, co-founder and CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation from 1957-1992.

A poster outlining the development of products by the company from 1958 though 1983.

Model of the Mill Clock presented to Ken Olsen from the Greenville employees at the dedication of the new DEC facility. The base plaques list the DEC facilities and year operational, 1957 - 1982.

This is a collection of pins for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). The pins vary from giveaways at trade shows to pins related to DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society):

"Phantom of the Operating System" - DECUS PC SIG

Multi Page report describing the plans for the addition of a chilled water plant adjacent to MLO7. Shown is the first page and a site map.

"Jack Mackeen (right), Microcomputer Products Group (MPG) manager, displays the first in a series of 'Mighty MIcro' ads now appearing in electronics trade magazines. George Roth (left), MPG marketing specialists and running enthusiast, models a…

An unopened documentation box containing Spreadsheet, Graphics and Information Management instruction manuals.

A documentation box containing a PRO/Communications User's Guide, Window Manager User's Guide, a I/O Driver Microfiche (15 + index), and five floppy discs.

A documentation box containing a CP/M-86/80 Getting Started and Users Guide; a GSX-86 Getting Started and Programmer's Reference Manual; and a Color/Graphics Option Guide.

A documentation box containing a three ring binder with the Getting Started Guide, User's ' Guide, Appendixes, Addenda and three floppy discs.

A documentation box containing an Installation Guide, Owner's Manual, RD31 Installation and User's Guide, LA50 Printer Programmer Reference Manual, Installing and Using the LA50 Printer and three floppy disc. Seems to be a later version of Rainbow…

A documentation box containing a Getting Started guide, Owner's Manual, Installation guide, Floor Stand Installation Guide, Winchester Disk Option Upgrade and Installation Guide, Rainbow Software promotional pamphlet.

A documentation box containing User's Guide, Reference Manual, License and Software Product Description pamphlet and one floppy disc for explaining use of a spreadsheet on the Rainbow.

A documentation box containing a Using the Mini-Exchange booklet, Getting Started, Using the Hard Disk, User's Guide and one floppy disc explaining program execution, installation, storage and editing capabilities of the software.