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Two genuine Old Whittemore Hand Carding Wool Combs. These were made in the Watson-Williams Manufacturing Company, Leicester, Mass. These early carding combs have an interesting history. Their namesake, Amos Whittemore, was granted a patent for a…

Documents relative to the Corporation, Town of Maynard, Digital Equipment Corporation and Bergmeyer Associates for a proposed residential complex in the Woolen Mill.

The last report that included the section of Sudbury that was to become part of the Town of Maynard in 1871. Two pages shown, one with the value of the Assabet Manufacturing Co. and the other page with the assessment of Amory and Lorenzo Maynard and…

A series of photographs documenting the removal of the bell from the belfry of the Mission Evangelical Congregational Church. This bell was donated to the then Finnish Congregational Church in 1935 by the Mill, where it was used as a 9pm "curfew…

A package of 12 Christmas seals that were produced and packaged in Maynard mill.


This was a confidential report to the Directors of the Bradley Container Corporation after its first year of operation. It is a first-person account, presumably by the company president, Bradley Dewey (or another high-ranking executive).

An account / recollection of the history of Bradley Container Corporation by an employee of the company. Details the introduction of the plastic tube to the U.S. market (a forerunner to the plastic toothpaste tube)

Two letterheads from the Bradley Container Corporation

Three pages from the American Can Company 1963 Annual Report featuring products and employees of the Bradley Container division of the company which was located in the Mill complex.

Bradley Container job and seniority lists in 1957.

A prize-winning entry in Digital's Photo Contest, taken with Pentax camera (2 second exposure at f/5.6)

A photograph of the blimp with the Mill Clock Tower in the foreground. was a large tenant of the Mill complex in the early 2000's.

The two pictures were taken the same day.

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These photos of various mill buildings where taken when Maynard Industries, Inc. was the owner.

Aerial view of the mill when it was owned and operated by Maynard Industries, Inc. (1953-1974).

Pictured here are the first seven women to become regular employees (in the factory division) of the Bradley Container Corporation located in the mill.

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Catherine DeGrappo, Ellen Barnes, Delfina B. DeMambro, Margaret T. Piecewicz, Natalie…

A collection of photographs taken at the time of a renovation in the woolen mill showing the many signed beams by the workers.

Some of the names visible are: Hearon, Carew, Helin, Voellings, Kopp, Wango, Clark, Savella, Melenski, Murray, Smith,…