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Starting in 1906, for about 10 years, you could board a small steam-powered boat near Ben Smith Dam and for 25 cents take a leisurely weekend ride upstream to Lake Boon in Stow.

Before the widespread availability of refrigeration one of the only way to keep things cool was with ice. Fresh water supplies, such as the Assabet River flowing through town, was a source of ice during the winter and a major industry grew up around…

The story of how the town of Maynard came to be.

A short review on the Assabet River, the origins and variations of its name, and how it was intertwined in Maynard's early history.

Ben Smith Bridge seen from Main St. area.

The ducks where release onto the Assabet River from the Elks and floated to the Damon Mill Dam in West Concord. It was part of a fundraiser, first to arrive won.

A swimming area in the Assabet River behind the Town Center with large boulders used for swimming.

The file contains reports on the flood plain, river basin studies, histories, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous documents pertaining to the river, also OARS related information.

A study exploring the cultural resources in the Assabet, Concord and Sudbury Rivers basin. see abstract

The file contains reports, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous documents pertaining to the dam and the canal leading to Mill Pond.

A project to complete requirements for five students for a course at Tufts University. see abstract for scope and conclusions of the project,

Lots 40 and 42 Summer Hill Road in the flood plain of the Assabet River.

A copy of a picture of the construction of the Walnut Street Bridge, 1921-22.

The Assabet River seen from the old railroad bed. Crow Island protrudes into the river on the left side of the picture.

A stereograph of the Paper Mill Dam. The photograph is facing upstream of the Assabet River (west), with Assabet Mills in the distance.

This dam was used to harness water power to run the mill. Water that was used in the creation of paper was…

Four views of the river, reservoir and Summer Hill.

A series of 19 photographs (6 shown here) taken at the Powder Mill Dam and Old High Street of the Assabet River in flood as a result of heavy rain on Aug. 19, 1955.

This was the B&M railroad bridge over the Assabet River.

Tires, concrete blocks and other debris in the river beneath the Walnut Street Bridge.