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The file contains reports on the flood plain, river basin studies, histories, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous documents pertaining to the river, also OARS related information.

Lots 40 and 42 Summer Hill Road in the flood plain of the Assabet River.

A series of 19 photographs (6 shown here) taken at the Powder Mill Dam and Old High Street of the Assabet River in flood as a result of heavy rain on Aug. 19, 1955.

Powder Mill Road at Acton line and the Elks parking lot.


View from Main St. toward Summer Hill near Florida Road.


Bridge washout and water flowing over the bridge.

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Looks like a down pour at the corner of Thompson St. and Great Road.


The river is presumably the Assabet but which bridge is shown is a mystery.

A severe winter with several heavy snow storms. The third picture was taken in March of 1920 from the Walnut Street bridge showing the Assabet River in flood from the spring snow melt.

Top photo near Powder MIlls
Bottom photo at railroad bridge Maynard Coal Company

1st, 2nd, & 3rd pictures are Mill Street, 3rd & 4th is Florida Road, last picture is High Street, Acton (Powder mill dam)

The hurricane moved ashore in Connecticut shortly after high tide on August 31, producing a storm surge of 10–15 ft and winds of over 115 mph. Widespread areas were left without power from eastern Connecticut to southern Massachusetts. Digital…

The winter of 1936's large snowfall amounts was followed by heavy spring rains resulting in the worst flooding since 1850. In one day after 6 inches of rainfall the water was within a foot of it's bank by the mill buildings. Photo of mill number 6.

A picture of the Assabet River in flood as seen from the Florida Street Bridge. Two other photos not shown of the river.

A collection of 13 photos, 5 shown, of the Assabet River in flood.
Top left - American Woolen Company
Top center - Footbridge across the Assabet River
Top right - View from Florida Court
Bottom left - American Woolen Company with Main…

A photo of the bridge, which was composed of field stone and granite, but the heavy rains caused a flood to undermine the structure. A concrete bridge was built at that time and it lasted until 2012 when it was replaced.

The second photo shows the…

Top picture is the north side. Bottom picture is the south side.

Until 1927 was located south of where the Assabet River runs under the "Paper Mill Bridge". Both the dam and the bridge was washed out in the flood of November 1927. The bridge was replaced and is being replaced again in 2012. The large dark…

First three photos are of the Powder Mills building surrounded by water from the flooded Assabet River.
The fourth photo is the Assabet River at the rear of the Middlesex Laundry near the Paper Mill (Waltham Street) Bridge. The last photo is the…