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An aerial photograph showing most of the Mill complex, downtown Maynard (Main Street and Nason Street), the (former) school on Summer Street (Fowler Junior High at the time), and surrounding neighborhoods. The picture was taken from Thompson Street…

An aerial photograph of Waltham Street area.

Orientation: Looking Northwest from (roughly) the intersection of Waltham Street and Great Road (Rt. 117)

The photograph shows shows Old Mill Road (both ends) down to First, Second, and Third…

A photograph of Alumni Field and surrounding area taken from an airplane.

Orientation: The view is from the south looking north. Great Road runs along the top of the image.

The lower left shows a hockey rink (1934-1970-ish). Originally…

DEC built this campus when it had out grown the Mill. Note Alumni Field in the upper right corner. The buildings have been taken down and the area is now housing and retail shopping.

Photo taken at the time of Digital ownership. Note one chimney, the other was taken down in 1956.

The two pictures were taken the same day.

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Enlargement of an aerial photo with the Assabet Mills in the center taken by Lt. Stimson in a DeHaviland Airplane.


An aerial picture of Maynard and the Mills.

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This is an artist's drawing which shows practically all the buildings in the town at the time.

- Assabet Manufacturing Co., A. Maynard, Agent
- Glendale House
- Public School (Acton St.)
- Congregational Church
- St. Bridget's R. C.…

An aerial photo with the Assabet Mills in the center taken by Lt. Stimson in a DeHaviland Airplane