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Pocket size schedule with the results of each game. Team coached by Albert Lerer, Charles Manty and Reginald Sawyer; Captain Michael Ignachuck and Student Manager Edward Smith

Photo taken at Alumni Field after a game with Milford HIgh School.
Maynard 32; Milford 20

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Bill Duggan, Ed Mullin, Jack Primiano, Bo Wattu

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Front Row (6): Bo Wattu, David Spratt, Bruce Koskinen, John White, Joe Graceffa, Cyril Spratt

Back Row (5): Larry Colleton, Jim Brooks, Ed Mullin, Lenny Melanson, Jack Primiano

A photograph of Alumni Field and surrounding area taken from an airplane.

Orientation: The view is from the south looking north. Great Road runs along the top of the image.

The lower left shows a hockey rink (1934-1970-ish). Originally…

Schedules for school year1975-76: Boys Varsity & JV Basketball, Girls Varsity & JV Basketball, Hockey, Football

The football from the game between Maynard High School and Concord High School, in 1962. Maynard scored 12 points, Concord scored 0 points.

Names include: Bobby W., Jack H. Prim, Ben, Ray W., J. Ruggiero, Johnny Mullin, S. Piecawicz, Dave H.,…

A trophy awarded to 'Dick' for football. There is a carve-out to rest a glass ashtray. The ashtray is missing.

Row 1:
Robert Cox, David Hunter, Joseph Uglevich, William Martino, ? ?, Robert Whitney, Peter Kauppi, John Mullin, Terry McDonnell

Row 2:
John Nelson, ? ?, Charles Coggins, Richard Mariani, James Malcolm, Ronald Massula, Al Manty, Matthew…

Row 1:
Herb Symes, William Primiano, Matthew Fouratt, Al Manty, Charles Coggins, James Ruggiero, John Holt, Robert Subick, Joseph Mullin

Row 2:
George Hatch, John Hackett, Ronald Massula, Joseph Mariano, David Hatch, Richard Mariani, ? ?, John…

A miniaturized toy football with the following imprinted: "Maynard, 1965, Rainville, Inc., The Manning Pharmacy".

A football badge with the Maynard logo and orange and black colors.

Two MHS Athletic Letter Award Certificates for Edward Ledgard. They are for the sports of Track in 1942 and Football in 1943. The Track certificate is signed by Albert Lerer and Charles W. Manty. The Football certificate is signed by Principal Leo…

Three buttons promoting the high school, especially football.

White cap with Maynard Tigers and a football embossed on front, 1997 on back.

Taken at Alumni Field, Maynard, Mass.
Paul Stein, 1st row, 4th from right

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Back Row: W. Pennimen, J. McDonald, P. Koponen, D. Higgins, P. Kivikoski, J. Robinson, G. Robinson, P. Hogan, R. Ojalehto

2nd Row from back: H. Wolik, J. Yanchewski, William Gruber, N. Popienuck, A. Cutaia, V. Russo, R. Spurrell, F.…


EPSON020 e(2).jpg
A black and white photo of the Maynard High School Football Team, dated 1936 on the football.

An Official Program listing the players of a game between Maynard High School and Hudson High School.

A rather cheeky poster for a late season football game: Hudson vs. Maynard, at Crowe Park. (Candidate years: 1948, 1943, 1937, 1926)

Poster for a Maynard High School vs Stoneham football game. (Year is not known: candidates are 1945, 1934-likely)