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A wood card table with Maynard Store logos.

Store Names Include:

Erkkinen Buick Co. Great Rd.
Arthur's Furniture 79 Main St.
Whitmac Furniture 161 Main St.
Wilson Lumber Co. Concord, Mass
Paul's Food Shoppe 47 Main St.
Fine Arts…

Three store model vehicles designed for advertising. They are a 1918 Model T car advertising Tru Value Stores; a red truck advertising Tru Value Stores; and a yellow Mack truck advertising Stanley tools.

An advertising sign for the Powder Mills "Dead Shot Powder" product. This powder was manufactured by the American Powder Company at it's mills in Acton and Maynard.

A Maydale Beverage Company advertising sign that was used by the Maynard Bottling Company of Glendale Street, Maynard, owned an operated by Paul Hilander. The orange and ginger ale bottled by this company was known throughout the entire Eastern…

A collection of Maynard business advertising pencils. The following businesses are represented: Peaslee Associates, Deeks Antiques, Forsyth Realty Inc.(pencil), Maynard Oil Co.(pencil), Butler Lumber Co., Foley & Sons Home Improvement, Classic…

A yellow yoyo with the Geek Boutique logo.

A deck of cards offered as advertising for Barber Chevrolet, 5 Acton St., Maynard, Mass.

An advertising matchbook with the Cannella Pontiac logo imprinted. Cannella Pontiac was located at 9 Powder Mill Road, Maynard, Mass.

E. Nelson Pontiac Sales and Service was located on Powder Mill Road at the corner of Butler Ave., Maynard, Mass., Tel 41.

An advertisement for Dr. Hess's Stock Tonic, a scientific compound of conditioner and worm expeller. This product is used by veterinarians and those raising stock animals.

An advertising thermometer from Maydale Spring Company, Maynard, Mass, Tel. No. 320.

The Assabet Institution for Savings gave away a ceramic 'apple bank' to customers who deposited $100 into their accounts in May 1977. There are 4 in this collection.

A brown paper bag from Bachrach's Super Market.

The store was located at the Main St. gate of the Assabet Mills, now Mill and Main.

Laundry was owned by H. E. Tolman.
Telephone number was Maynard 400

A mailed advertising brochure from 1922.