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Program from the 2009 Induction Ceremony for the Maynard High School Athletic Hall of Fame, held November 21, 2009, at the Maynard Elks Hall. The booklet contains the Hall of Fame Mission Statement; a letter from Ed Mullin, Committee Chairman; a list…

A 1919 photo of the championship soccer team in 1919.

A photo of Maynard Cricket Club Soccer Team, ca 1915.

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Front: Ralph Hill, Sr.; Thomas Murray, Fred Neuman, ___?, Fred Palmer

Center: Ralph Hill, Jr.; James Cowles, Roddy McIver, Jesse Billet, Jack Murray, Charles Spence

Back: ___?, Thomas Wright, Richard Allen, Robert Yahn, Ed Billet,…

They played at the Maynard Cricket Club grounds.

Front: Rodney McIver, Charles Allan, Ralph Hill, Jr. (young boy), Richard Allan, ___ McNiven
Center: Fred Palmer, Ralph Hill, Charles Turnball, Arthur B. Cowle, Thomas Murray, Sandy…

M. Waterhouse, J. Billett, E. Billet, Ralph Hill, Ralph Hill, Jr., Richard Allen, James Allen, Tom Murray, Roddy MacIver, F. Palmer, C. Turnhill, F. Newman, C. Spence


A sepia photo of the Maynard Tarmo Soccer Team, dated 1918.
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Top:Sakari Marjamaa, Kalle Ahola, Mikko Hiipakka, Walfred Stein
Center: Karl Saarinen, Axel Tofferi, __?, __?, Edward Helander
Bottom: __?, Kusti Aromaa, __?