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Ruth was 1 of 5 graduates in 1901.

Principal: J. Henry White

School Committee:
Daniel Goodenow
Benjamin D. Blanchard
James J. Hilferty

High School diploma awarded to Margaret Ann Duggan.

James P. King, Principal
Charles H. Walker, Superintendent

School Committee:
Eason Cross
Edward McPherson
Oswald C. Dreschler

F. Mattioli, Principal; G. Piantoni, Class Advisor
Class Officers: E. Mullin, Treasure; W. Crowther, President; H.
Jenkins, Vice-President; K. Grandell, Secretary

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1st row: A.…

The sketches appeared in the Maynard Enterprise newspaper before the Thanksgiving Day game with Clinton High School.

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Top Row (7): Bill Mulcahy, Jim Brooks, Ed Mullin, Richard Boreson, Bruce Koskinen, John Madden, David France

2nd Row…

The sketches where published in the Maynard Enterprise newspaper before the Thanksgiving game with Clinton.

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Top Row (5): Phil Williams, Bruce Warila, Jim Duggan, John Kulevich, Pete Peterson

2nd Row (6): Ralph Martino, Ole Carlson,…

Photo taken at Alumni Field after a game with Milford HIgh School.
Maynard 32; Milford 20

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Bill Duggan, Ed Mullin, Jack Primiano, Bo Wattu

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Front Row (6): Bo Wattu, David Spratt, Bruce Koskinen, John White, Joe Graceffa, Cyril Spratt

Back Row (5): Larry Colleton, Jim Brooks, Ed Mullin, Lenny Melanson, Jack Primiano

A 27-page scrapbook journal of the Maynard High School Class of 1914 trip to Washington D.C. including a narrative journal by Herbert Martin interspersed with numerous postcards and other memorabilia of the various points of interest visited during…

A photograph of Alumni Field and surrounding area taken from an airplane.

Orientation: The view is from the south looking north. Great Road runs along the top of the image.

The lower left shows a hockey rink (1934-1970-ish). Originally…

Row 1:
Barry DeGrappo, Larry Houser, James Marcey, Joseph Mancini, Wayne Cush, Jeffrey Lerer

Row 2:
Robert Sebastyn, John Lanigan ("Red"), Tavi Helin ("Chipper"), George Murphy, Paul Boeske, Donald Hatch, Robert Brooks, Jim Duggan (Coach)

The cover features a photo of the 1964 - 2013 High School on Tiger Drive.

Six ledgers recorded with the income and expenditures of the High School football, basketball, baseball and other sports.

A ledger with the graduates of the high school, colleges attended, employment, married name and current address (1930). The sample page shows the class of 1886 and 1888. Also shown is the number of graduates in each year and the class presidents.

A collection of School Registers for the High School when its was housed as part of the Nason Street School and, after 1916, on Summer Street. Each Register is for a grade (9 -12), year and school. They contain names, date of birth, attendance,…

A bumper sticker and 2 campaign buttons expressing opposition to regionalization of Maynard High School.

The early years of Maynard High School had very small graduating classes and from 1899 to 1930 they formed an Alumni Association which held social reunions.

White cap with Maynard Tigers and a football embossed on front, 1997 on back.

An Official Program listing the players of a game between Maynard High School and Hudson High School.

Notes, Agendas, Newspaper Clippings and other miscellaneous items referencing the PNG, 1988-89 & 1989-90.