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Donald Lent was born in Tiverton, Nova Scotia, Canada. HIs parents were Charles and Harriet Lent, Don being the youngest of seven. The family immigrated to Maynard in 1899 . They were farmers in Tiverton and were farmers in Maynard. The…

The senior class accompanied by relatives and friends on a class trip to the nations capitol. The trip took place during the April vacation leaving on a Friday by train to Providence, RI and then an overnight boat ride to New York City before…

Maynard High School Diploma awarded to Margaret Brennan (Ayotte).

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A booklet with the names, address, marital status, children, work and interests of the members of the Maynard High School Class of 1916.


A sepia photo of a class in front of the Main Street School.

Took place at Maynard Country Club on June 25, 1941

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Front: (eleven women): Marian Flagg, Miriam Kempton, Grace Haynes Jones, Margaret Brennan Ayotte, Mary Dunn, Sadie Mallinson Johnson, Edith Garlick Dahl, Louise Morgan, Marie Sheridan,…


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Front: Marion Flagg, Edward Coughlin, Miriam Kempton, Raymond Hooper, Mary O'Donnell, Edward McManus, Mary Heffernan, Cecilia Moynihan

Center: Roy McCormack, Edith Garlick, Grace Wilder, Sadie Mallinson, Mildred Rodway, Margaret Brennan,…


A photo of Miss Nagle's Grade 4 class at the Bancroft School, Maynard, MA, in 1908.
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Front: John Hansen, Pat Powers, ___?, Eric Simons, James Connolly, ___?, Dewey Dawson, Harold Morgan, Vin Waldron, Frank Ketola, Leo White

Second: Mary…


A black and white photo of a collage of individual students from Grades 10, 11, 12 in 1914.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Top: Grace Parkin, Claude Hair, Raymond Smith, George Cuttle, George Stewart, Albert Murphy, Mabel E. Taylor, Madeline…

Held at the Wayside Inn, Sudbury, on October 12 (Sept.24?) ,1966.

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Front: Raymond Hooper, Edith (Garlick) Dahl, Joseph Dahl, Marion Flagg

Center: Ida (Hendrickson) Elmquist, Mary Dunn, Margaret (Brennan) Ayotte, Sadie (Mallinson)…

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Reunion at Wayside, Sudbury on September 24, 1966.

Listed are: Raymond E. Hooper, President; Edward J. Coughlin, Vice President; Miriam L. Kemper, Secretary; May O'Donnell, Treasurer.

Also 15 living members at time of reunion.


Two sepia pictures of the 8th Grade Class at the Nason Street School in 1910.

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Front (9): Grace Haynes, Cecilia Moynihan, Esther White, Josephine Lester, Hannah Johnston, Bessie Sheehan, Marion Flagg, Mildred Rodway, Annie Anelons



A sepia photo of Grade 3 in the Main Street School, dated 1907.
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Front: Gene Espie, Reg. Jones, Walter Mullin, Albert Sullivan, George Peterson, Bob Sheridan, Lars Peterson, Vincent Maley

Center: ___?, Martha Shaw, Annie Duggan, May…


For several years the senior class of the high school was allowed to take a trip during the spring vacation. They left by train on Friday and went to Boston then Providence, RI. Boarded a boat for an overnight cruise to New York City where they…