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Row 1:
Robert Cox, David Hunter, Joseph Uglevich, William Martino, ? ?, Robert Whitney, Peter Kauppi, John Mullin, Jerry McDonnell

Row 2:
John Nelson, ? ?, Charles Coggins, Richard Mariani, James Malcolm, Ronald Massula, Al Manty, Matthew…

Row 1:
Herb Symes, William Primiano, Matthew Foruette, Al Manty, Charles Coggins, James Ruggiero, John Holt, Robert Subick, Joseph Mullin

Row 2:
George Hatch, John Hackett, Ronald Massula, Joseph Mariano, David Hatch, Richard Mariani, ? ?, John…

Row 1:
David Sullivan, Robert Sczerzen, Patrick Lanigan, Edward Gillaney, Joseph Mullin, Michael Barrett, Richard Uglevich, Richard Hill, James Quinn

Row 2:
Arthur Brooks, Richard Pizza, James Marcey, Thomas Sheridan, David Smith, Wayne Allen,…

A collection of School Registers for the Junior High School know as the Summer Street JHS, renamed the Emerson JHS in 1932. Each Register is for a grade (7,8), year and school. They contain names, date of birth, attendance, address, parent name,…

Spelling book used at the Emerson-Fowler School from 1983 to 1994.

Front Row:
Mr. Garabedian, Director, _?, _?, Doug Cush, Howie King, Paul Hatch, _?, Ronny Geary, (the rest are unknown).

A group of students attend a ceremony to plant a tree in front of Emerson Junior High School (Fowler School, Summer Street). Possibly Arbor Day? Holding tree: Tommy Sheridan?