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Junior High diploma awarded to Benny Michael Sofka.
Signed by Edward J. Flaherty, Charles H. Walker, Mary A. Doyle

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Top: Donald Priest, James Fraser
Bottom: Veronica Arciszewski, Adolph Kurowski

Center in rectangles (6): J. P. King, Principal; M. Cassorie, Faculty; J. Malcolm, President; B. Slieck, Vice President; F. Fearns, Secretary; W. Sweeney, Treasurer

Columns, Top to Bottom
1th: F. Quinn, W. Laasanen, J. Raliey, H. Johnson, J.…

An eighth grade class picture in front of the Roosevelt School, dated September 23, 1930.


The Graduates: Helen Impi Aho, Helen Josephine Alexander, Veronica Irene Arciszewski, Theodore Nathan Bachrach, Sophia Batulin, Lydia Ludy Bingel, Margaret Ruth Bishop, George Arthur Carbary, Guido Silvio Carbone, Lena Rita Christian, Dominic Charles…

A sepia photo of Grade 8 students in 1930.

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Front: Julia Golubowsky, Agnes Rollinson, Thomas Whalen, Francis Whalen, Donald Priest

2nd: Joseph White, Guido Carbone, Stanley Waliskiewicz, Max Matson, Joe Rakiey, Morris Luoto, Edwin…

Miss Wade is the teacher.

Albina Sinicki is 9 years old and is in the school picture. She is marked as being in the bottom row, third from the left. Albina lived at 19 Sudbury Street, Maynard, Mass.


A sepia photo of the 1925 third grade class with its teacher, Miss Champion. The photo belonged to Albina Sinicki.

Albina Sinicki

Three copies of the Maynard High School football team of 1934.

The players are from left to right:

Front: A. Sidorovich, R. Chidley, A. Koskinen, L. Colombo, Capt. R. Duggan, F. Brayden, E. O'Connell, A. Fraser, F. lgnachuck
Second: Head Coach…

Two photos of the Maynard High School football team in 1934.

The playrs are from left to right:

Front: R. Chidley, Capt. R. Duggan, F. Ignachuck, E. O'Donnell, A. Sidorovich, A. Koskinen, V. Labowicz
Back: Head Coach A. Lerer, F. Brayden, L.…

Two copies of a sepia photo of the 1931 Maynard High School football team. It is taken at the John A. Crowe Park.

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Front: John Malcom, Ted Bachrack, Frank Ignachuck, Eddie O'Donnell, Robert Duggan, Dick Archer, __ Norgoal

Back: Mr. Al…