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The Dance Card has four pages tied together with a gold cord. This dance card belongs to Charles Kulevich and Joanna Aho.

Page 1: Class Officers: Louis Bachrach, President; Irene Dudzinski, Vice-President; Sylvia Manninen, Secretary; William…


Dance card from Valentine's Day 1936 for Charles Kulevich.

The Valentine's Day Dance was held in the Maynard High School's Washington Auditorium on Friday, February 14, 1936. Twelve names appear on page 3 of the Order of Dances. The majority of…

Senior Invitation Dance card from January 31, 1936 for Charles Kulevich. The Dance was held at the Maynard High School Auditorium.

Page 1:
Class Officers: Louis Bachrach, Class President; Irene Dudzinski, Vice-President; Sylvia Manninen,…


A dance card from 1936 belonging to Charles Kulevich and his date, Mary Chutoranski.

Page 2 - 3:
1) Mary & Charlie; 2) Josephine & Scot; 3) Sophie K. & Robert S.; 4) Walter & Helind; 5) Rita S. & Ignacy P.; 6) Wenar M. & Hellen W.; 7) H. Wozech…


A Senior Banquet placecard for Charles Kulevich dated May 14, 1936.


The Maynard Teacher's Club presented a drama entitled "The Hoodoo" on April 16 & 17, 1936 in the Maynard High School Auditorium. It was to benefit the Maynard Teacher's Club and the Student Loan Fund. The Hoodoo is a three act comedy with an all…


The 1936 Senior Class Play was entitled 'The Arrival of Kitty', a three act comedy, and presented on January 17, 1936 in the Maynard High School Auditorium. The program lists the students who acted in the comedy.


This is a program presented by the Maynard Dramatic Club called 'The Henpecked Hero', a three part comedy. The production was sponsored by the Frank J. DeMars Unit No. 235, American Legion Auxilliary.

Taylor's Chevrolet , 5 Acton Street,…

A gift from Becker College owned by Charles Kulevich


The book contains autographs collected during Helen's sophomore year.

The reunion was held at Alphonse's Powder Mill.
The organizing committee was Leo Mullin, Irene Crowle Mayberry, Helen Pyszka Wheeler, Margaret Castellin Poti, Charles Kulevich, Sophie Kulik Dawson, Ann O'Toole Primiano

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EPSON020 e(2).jpg
A black and white photo of the Maynard High School Football Team, dated 1936 on the football.

MHS CO 1936-2.jpeg
Top: l to r
Fred Keegan, Charles Kulevich
Bottom: l - r
Frank Makrecky, Benny Mikatajcis

MHS 1936-1.jpeg
Top: l to r
Paul Batulin, Richard Elson
Bottom: l - r
Anthony Grigas, Aaro Hyden

Aaro Hyden is fifth from left, back row

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A color photo of the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1936. Aaro Hyden third from left, front row.

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