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Classic Finnish tragedy by Gustaf von Numers in seven scenes presented by the All American Club.

1st photo: Huldah Nelson, Waino Ojalehto
2nd photo, Ellen Haapala
3rd photo: William Wehkoja
4th photo: Huldah Nelson
5th photo: Helen Ketola,…

Musical presented by the All American Club at the Parker Street Hall.

Photos -l to r
Cast group: Front (5) Helen Ketola, Ellen kaapala, Elli Vuojavi, Signe Nyman, Vendla Saari
Back (5) Ahti Jaakkola, Roy Helander, William…

A French comedy in three acts presented by the All American Club.

1st photo: George Glad
2nd photo: Ellen Haapala, Roy Helander
3rd photo: Roy Helander, Ellen Haapala, William Wehkoja

One act play presented by the All American Club in Maynard, Fitchburg and Quincy.

l to r
Ahti Jaakkola, Huldah Nelson, Roy Helander, Helen Mark Ketola

A musical in 4 acts presented by the All American Club on their 10th Anniversary.

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Standing: Waino Ojalehto, Roy Helander
Seated: Martha Saari, Lillian Klemola

A play in three acts presented by the All American Club. This production was in English, most of the Club's plays were in Finnish.

Photo: Huldah Nelson

A three act musical by the All American Club presented at Saima Hall, Fitchburg's summer festival.
Photos taken at Parker Street Hall at rehearsal.
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1st photo (8): Sonja Huuskonen, Aune Ojalehto, Huldah Nelson, Ellen Haapala, Elma…

A four act Finnish folk comedy presented by the All American Club at the Parker Street Hall.

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Front row (6): Tyyne Glad, Barber Parker, Ellen Haapala, Vendla Saari, Vivian Helander, Elma Kansanniva

Back row (8): George Ojalehto, Helen…

Operetta performed by the All American Club at Parker Street Hall.

l to r
Orchestra: Fritiof Tofferi, Olga Musgrave, Edward Brennan, Tyyne Glad

Couple: Ellen Hangas, Roy Helander

A history of the plays/concerts produced by the All American Club (poorly named, actually was the Finnish people who put on the productions, in Finnish). The events were presented at the Parker Street Hall in Maynard as well as other locations in…

At the turn of the 20th century the "Maynard Players" was the source of dramatic productions in Maynard, but it had gone inactive. In 1936 some new folks in town tried to revive the old group, but were unable - so they formed a new troupe: the…

A series of 60 tickets to movies showing at the Fine Arts Theater from 1949-1951.

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A green ticket to a movie at the Fine Arts Theater.

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A black and white photo of a Peoples Theater Christmas event featuring Santa Claus greeting children in the theater lobby. Names of individuals include: Frank Taylor (Santa on the left); Joanne P. Ross, (left of Santa); Eddie Harper, (between…

A movie promotional booklet listing a number of movies to be shown from August 1923-July 1924.

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A bulletin from the Peoples/Colonial Theater which advertises currently showing movies. These are: Pygmalion, Stagecoach, Made for Each Other, Sweethearts Girls on Probation, Next Time I Marry, Secrets of an Actress, Hard To Get, Garden of the Moon,…

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A Kodacolor print of the Fine Arts Theater, developed June 18, 1949. Printed on the back is: "B. J. Coughlan, Gen. Manager; H. E. Lawton, House Manager. Good picture of the sky at least."


Two photos of "Broom Drill", unknown date or location.


The structure was built in the late 1860's by the Maynard Family. It was sold to Alfred T. Haynes in 1893 and then to the Gruber Brothers in 1917.
Entire upper floors destroyed by fire on July 14, 1934.
The hall on the second level was used for…

Accompanied by Sirkka Lehtinen, Fridioff Tofferi, Uuno Poikonen

Cast of Characters: Bertha Saari, Elma Leivo, William Wehkoja, Ahti Jaakkola, Lauri Hiipakka, Helen Mark, Aimo Kangas, Waino Saari, Laura Aho, Leo Warila, Ahti, Alho, Anthony Colombo