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The Maynard Postal Employees Bowling Team were awarded a winning season trophy by the Worcester Telegram & Evening Gazette, in 1930-1931.

A glass inkwell used at the Maynard Post Office for many years. The bottom of the inkwell says "Property of the U.S. P. O. Department".

Before Maynard was incorporated (1871) the area in the vicinity of the woolen mill was referred to as Assabet Village. Not sure what the receipt was for however it looks like Amory Maynard received payment from Lydia Brooks or Thomas Brooks.

This envelope was mailed from Watertown, Mass to Miss Jennie Brooks, Assabet, Mass. It is dated 1869. The stamps are of the 1869 Series, March 1, 1869 to April 9, 1870. This mail was sent just prior to to the change from Assabet, MA to Maynard, MA.

Photograph of Main Street showing the Maynard Post Office, J.A. MacPherson Hardware Store, a Laundry, Woolworth's. The Colonial hall was on the second floor above Woolworths 69 Main St.

(The photo is not dated, but we know the Post Office moved to…

Thomas Wouldhave was the first druggist in Maynard. His store was located at the corner of Main and River Streets. Ben Johnson succeeded him and moved the store to the east end of the Maynard (Masonic) Block. Ernest Johnson was the postmaster from…

The file contains a history, newspaper clippings, several older postcards, photo copies etc... 

Frank became postmaster in 1935 and held the job until the 1960's.
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1st photo: Frank Sheridan, Ellen Sheridan, Phillip J. Philbin, ___?

2nd photo: ___?, John Eaton, Frank Sheridan, John Nowick

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Bill Morrill, ___?, __ Waisuk

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Norman Crotty, Frank Sheridan, William Morrill

The post office was in the Masonic Building. The wagon on the right belonged to Stanley Rice the RFD delivery man.

Carrier service was instituted in Maynard on May 1, 1920. The backwards lettering on the truck reads Maynard Laundry.

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Harold V. Sheridan, James H. Eaton, George E "Speck" White, William A. Sweeney

The post office was located at the Walnut Street end of the Masonic Building, (on the lower right side), at 100 Main St.
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May (Ledgard) Schnair, James B. Farrell, Timothy B. Moynihan, Christopher Wilson, Stanley Rice, Arthur E. Walker…

The Post Office was then located in the Masonic Building, 100 Main St. William Hall was Post Master.

Top Photo: l to r
Front: Jim Farrell, Tom Maley
Back: Charles Hoffman, Bill Stockwell, Spec White

Bottom Photo: l to r
Front: Tom Maley, Jim Farrell
Back: Spec. White, Bill Stockwell, Charles Hoffman

This is an artist's drawing which shows practically all the buildings in the town at the time.

- Assabet Manufacturing Co., A. Maynard, Agent
- Glendale House
- Public School (Acton St.)
- Congregational Church
- St. Bridget's R. C.…

Mr. Coughlan, Post Master, was chairman of the 50th Anniversary Committee in 1921.

A lifelong resident of Maynard. Well known for his musical talents, dramatics, social, and civic activities. Outstanding end-man in minstrel shows, also a soloist, actor, bowler and politician. Served two terms as a Selectman after retirement from…