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An aerial photograph of Waltham Street area.

Orientation: Looking Northwest from (roughly) the intersection of Waltham Street and Great Road (Rt. 117)

The photograph shows shows Old Mill Road (both ends) down to First, Second, and Third…

A blueprint of Waltham Street, Maynard, dated June 12, 1928. Landmarks include the property of Max Blatt, Franklin Flagg.

Two blueprints of a portion of Waltham Street, Maynard, dated September 20, 1949. Landmarks include the property of Stanley & Sylveny Tomlinson, Eugene & Marguerite Jokisaari, Leo & Grace Boeske, Francis & Josephina Kasziewicz, Armas Haapanen, Julius…

Four blueprints of a portion of Summer Street, Maynard, dated September 3, 1904. Landmarks include the property of William Bishop, James Bent, Robert McAllister, Frank Hildbard, Joel Butterworth, John May, W.E. Tilton, J. Webster, Richard Parmenter,…

A black and white photo of young girls conducting a car wash at the New Orbit Car Wash which was part of Howard Boeske's Sinclair gas station on Waltham Street (near the Assabet River)

Note: The price of the (leaded) gasoline was 35 cents/gallon.

The three large tenement buildings were on Main Street built by Amory Maynard. The auto in the foreground is a 1928 Ford Model A. The road on the far side of the bridge changes its name to Acton Street. This bridge was replaced in 2013.

The Maynard Public Works are clearing snow at the corner of Waltham and Parker Streets. The snow was trucked to be dumped into the Assabet River.