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Centennial Research: Hotels


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Centennial Research: Hotels


A short summary of hotels that operated in Maynard. This research was incorporated into a monograph on hotels (see Relation below)


James B. Farrell





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The first hotel in town was built on Summer Street by Peter Haley in 1867 and was named the Glendale House after the Assabet Mills blankets ticketed “Glendale Mills Blanket". Later, the name was changed to the Maynard Hotel; enlarged twice, scorched by fire several times, and finally destroyed by fire January 29, 1921. [1]

It was owned and operated for many years by Hugh McGrail; then by John Desmond; finally by Martin Peterson. It was located directly across the street from the present Fine Arts Theatres. The property was purchased by the town in 1922 and is now the site of Memorial Park.

The Maple House was built at the comer of Acton and Summer Streets by George F. E. Cutting in 1880, and he managed it for many years. His son, G. Frank Cutting, pursued the business for several years. Later, it was managed by George 0‘Brien, and then by William Campbell. It was demolished in the late 1940's by St. Bridget’s Parish, who had purchased the property with the intention of building a new church. When the idea was abandoned, the town purchased the land end built the present Fire and Police Station.

The American House on Harriman Court was built during the 1890's and operated for many years by Julius Lowe, and later his son David. It ceased to operate in the early 1920's.

In 1901, another "Glendale House", at the corner of Glendale and Summer Streets, was opened by Thomas Farrell, father of the late James B. Farrell. This is now a dwelling at No. 29.

The Somerset Hotel at the comer of Main and River Streets was built in 1909 by B. J. Coughlin. This building la now owned by Jacob Sawutz, who operates a market on the street floor and rents apartments on the floor above.

Paper prepared by James B. Farrell, I966

[1] - Gutteridge, "Short History of Maynard" (1871-1921), p. 64