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Photograph of Mill Workers. A few have been identified.
Four standing in the back, first on left is John McCormick, other three unidentified. Directly in front of McCormick is Joe Chidley (five buttoned sweater). Two to the left of Chidley is…

A textbook like treatise on the the woolen business including all types of calculations in the processing of wool. The book was published in England for the English woolen industry. The back of the book has may ads, see sample page.

Thirteen booklets containing explanations, practice calculations and examinations questions on topics that involve the processing of raw wool to a finish fabric.
The photo is a sample cover of the courses. This Ply Weave course comes complete with…

Group portrait of Assabet Mill (American Woolen Company) Office Employees.
l to r
Front: Mae Donahue, Dorothy Sheridan, Mildred Randall, Sadie Mallinson, Dorothy Wilder, Eva Tucker, Margaret McCormack, Mary Darcy, Gertrude…

Photo of the Assabet Mills, ca 1900.

Dry Finishing Room Employees at Assabet Woolen Mills

Photo of Fulling or Wet Finishing Department 1902 Assabet Mills

Taken at the coal pile on Walnut Street before the installation of oil. The men in the picture are the second hands and employees of both departments which were under one head.

Coal was the main source of power for the mill complex in the early 1900s. The coal was brought to the mill by train and was unloaded and shoveled into the boilers by these workers.

The winter of 1936's large snowfall amounts was followed by heavy spring rains resulting in the worst flooding since 1850. In one day after 6 inches of rainfall the water was within a foot of it's bank by the mill buildings. Photo of mill number 6.

Series of external views of the mill buildings taken July 18, 1931and November 22,1931. Some photos indicate year the building was added.

Series of external views of the mill c.1930. One photo shows unloading of wool into the building.

Photo of Office Employees Dry Finishing Department.
Left to Right
Thomas Quirk, ____,_____,____, Tom Deane

Sewing Room Employees.
Starting with first row.
Margaret Keegan, Nellie McHan, Mame Kelly, Lizzie McHass, Cecelia O'Toole, Meg Scully, Net Binns?, Kate Sweeney, Sadie McGarrey, Frank Moynihan, Connie Desmond, Mary Callahan, Nellie Crotty,…

A book listing the different types of wool with related prices per roll as noted in 1929.

Drawing In Room Employees:
Front Row:
Frank Riley, John Manning
Second Row:
Third Row:
Maude Turnbull,____,___,___,Albert Batley, Mame McCarthy, Clara Binks,___,____
Back Row:
_____, Jim Sheridan,_____,John Sheridan, Fred…

Photo of young boys working at blending. Scored wool and other fibers are blended before carding. As of 1891, one eighth of the workers were less than 16 years old and made 5.5 cents per hour.
Photo of a team of pipe fitters who are part of the…

Employees of the dry finishing department 1905.
Front Row:
Second from left Albert C. Fourth from left P. Carbone

Operator in Weave Room March 19, 1901.