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"This is an abridged translation of Alfons Ukkonen's book that was originally written in the Finish language for the Knights of Kaleva in 1996". The book reviews the origins of Knights of Kaleva in 1898 by John Stone, the meaning of Kaleva, a brief…

This axe was presumably made in Stow. It bears the name of O. Sawyer and J. Rogers (etched in smaller letters below Sawyer) on the blade. It was found in the old barn at William Salo's. The Salo barn stood for many years on Great Rd. at the…

A collection of 11 wooden barn pegs from timbers in Elmhurst Farm barn. This type of peg was used as nails in the construction of buildings and barns more than 100 years ago. This barn was originally believed to be built in the eighteenth century at…

A heavy duty mop from mid 20th century.

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Two very old horse shoes found in Maynard. Also, an additional four horse shoes are part of the collection.

Two wood and steel log rollers from Bangor, Maine.

These 12 nails are from the barn located on the Salo farm on Parker Street. This barn was originally located on Great Road as part of the Aaron Thompson farm. It was moved to its present location by Mr. Salo.

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The antique heart-shaped lock was made by William Bohannan Co. with an 1879 Patent . It has an attached chain.

Both padlocks were used in the American Powder Mills Co. on their sheds.