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Front: Alice Fearns, Gertrude Herbert, Kathryn Bariteau, Helen Bakun, Anna Thane, Julia Wardzala, Mary Sheridan, June Sawyer, Winnifred Fardy

Center: Mary Sexton, ___?, Roseanne Angelosanto, Fr. Guido Palatto, Rose Settipani, Margaret…

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Front: Mary Tobin, June Sawyer, Mary Higgins

Second Row: Mildred Duggan, Margaret Murphy, Julia Lynch, Madeline Smith, Dorothy Sheridan, Margaret Moore, Julia Kaziuakonis, Mary Kane

Third Row: Kathryn Bariteau, Fr. Guido Palatto, Emma…

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Front seated: Elaine Curtin, Eleanor Flaherty

Back standing: Joe Farrell, Aileen Leigher, Joe Cleary, Jack Driscoll, Leo Mullin, Joe Boothroyd, ___?, Ralph Sheridan, ___?, ___?, ___?

Likely presented at Knights of Columbus Hall.

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Front seated: Rita Sheridan, Elvira D'Errico, ___?, Eleanor Flaherty, Katherine Sheridan, ___?, Jack Driscoll
Back standing: Marion Ledgard, Joe Boothroyd, Joe Cleary, Rose Setipane (?), Leo Mullin, Aileen Leigher, Doris White

Two photographs showing the cast of plays presented by the young people of St. Bridget's Parish. The priest shown in both pictures is possibly the Rev. George S. Brennan.

The actors include: Leo Mullin, Impi Klemola, Sylvia Ahola, George Tucker, Edward Fearns, Maurice White, Samuel Gilman, Jeannette Johnston, Sirkka Koivu

The entertainers include: D. Sexton, Ed Sheridan, J. Doherty, W. Hannon, R. Farquhar, Lizzie Gallagher, Laurietta Hannon, John May, Rosa Hannon

As part of the Centennial Celebration this production was presented by the residents of Maynard.

A history of the plays/concerts produced by the All American Club (poorly named, actually was the Finnish people who put on the productions, in Finnish). The events were presented at the Parker Street Hall in Maynard as well as other locations in…

Operetta performed by the All American Club at Parker Street Hall.

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Orchestra: Fritiof Tofferi, Olga Musgrave, Edward Brennan, Tyyne Glad

Couple: Ellen Hangas, Roy Helander

A four act Finnish folk comedy presented by the All American Club at the Parker Street Hall.

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Front row (6): Tyyne Glad, Barber Parker, Ellen Haapala, Vendla Saari, Vivian Helander, Elma Kansanniva

Back row (8): George Ojalehto, Helen…

A three act musical by the All American Club presented at Saima Hall, Fitchburg's summer festival.
Photos taken at Parker Street Hall at rehearsal.
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1st photo (8): Sonja Huuskonen, Aune Ojalehto, Huldah Nelson, Ellen Haapala, Elma…

A play in three acts presented by the All American Club. This production was in English, most of the Club's plays were in Finnish.

Photo: Huldah Nelson

A musical in 4 acts presented by the All American Club on their 10th Anniversary.

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Standing: Waino Ojalehto, Roy Helander
Seated: Martha Saari, Lillian Klemola

One act play presented by the All American Club in Maynard, Fitchburg and Quincy.

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Ahti Jaakkola, Huldah Nelson, Roy Helander, Helen Mark Ketola

A French comedy in three acts presented by the All American Club.

1st photo: George Glad
2nd photo: Ellen Haapala, Roy Helander
3rd photo: Roy Helander, Ellen Haapala, William Wehkoja

Musical presented by the All American Club at the Parker Street Hall.

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Cast group: Front (5) Helen Ketola, Ellen kaapala, Elli Vuojavi, Signe Nyman, Vendla Saari
Back (5) Ahti Jaakkola, Roy Helander, William…

Classic Finnish tragedy by Gustaf von Numers in seven scenes presented by the All American Club.

1st photo: Huldah Nelson, Waino Ojalehto
2nd photo, Ellen Haapala
3rd photo: William Wehkoja
4th photo: Huldah Nelson
5th photo: Helen Ketola,…

A two act comedy presented at the Parker Street Hall in 1937 and 1938. See writeup from Roy Helander.

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1st photo: Aili Niemi, Eeti Saari, Roy Helander, Viola Kallio

2nd photo: Roy Helander, Viola Kallio

3rd photo: Helen…