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Centennial Monograph: The Italian People in Maynard


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Centennial Monograph: The Italian People in Maynard


Shortly after immigrating into Maynard the Italian community created a number of short and long-lived institutions.


Birger Koski
Joseph Porrazo





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The first Italians coming to Maynard would be dated sometime in the 1890’s for their initial organizational attempt was in 1906. This was the Italian Court of Foresters. The first meeting was in Odd Fellows Hall with Court of Italy of Boston present. (June 15, 1906) The organization was initiated July 20, 1906 (in Oddfellows Hall) with many present from out of town. Court Dante Alighieri of Foresters had the following for officers: S.C.R., Michele Roberts; C.R., Antonio Distasio; Treas. Celestino Colombo; J.W., Carmine DeMarco; S.B., Raffaele Dotoli; Lecturer, Domencio Distasio. There was nothing further in the newspapers so we do not know how long this court existed.

The Italian Citizens's Club was organized Nov. 29, 1912 to aid Italians in beconing citizens and to take part in the spring election. The newspaper article goes on to explain that at present there are 11 Italian voters in town, 6 more for spring election. 20 will take out first papers next Saturday, and an estimated 600 Italians in Maynard. The Officers were: President, Joseph Morgandi; Vice President, Angelo Dimonico; Secretary, Ernestino Barilone; Treasurer, Kalle Columbus; Clerk, Joseph Morgandi. Aug. 8, 1913: this club held a picnic at Visocchi's Farm. Nothing further is heard of this club.

Dec. 4, 1914: Newsnote tells us of several Italian residents being called back to Italy to serve in the army. This type of conscription was prevalent in the European countries.

Aug. 19, 1921: Our next newsnote tells us of the organizational meeting to set up the Sons of Italy with installation of officers on Labor Day. (We have the good fortune to have in our midst in Maynard, Joseph Porrazo, lifetime barber and one of the original members of the Sons of Italy, who kindly consented to writing in its entirety the history of the Sons Of Italy.


Roma Lodge No. 1103 Order of Sons of Italy in America of Maynard, Mass, was instituted on September 5, 1921 at Eagle Hall, Maynard, Mass, under the sponsorship of Italia Nuova Lodge No. 983 Order Sons of Italy in America of Somerville, Mass., in the presence of the Grand Deputy Emissary of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Professor Antonio Dentamaro. There was a Christening and Initiation of the Lodge. The Charter was issued by the Supreme Lodge and was signed by the following: Raimondo lannuzzo, Edwardo Lenzi, and Francesco Santucci, with seventy-seven initial members, men and women.

The first Executive Council was composed of:

Venerable: Celestino Priiano
Assistant Venerable: Edwardo Lenzi
Ex. Venerable: Raimondo lannuzzo
Orator: Guiseppe Porrazzo
Recording Secretary: Giovanino Piacitelli
Financial Secretary: Francesco Santucci
Treasurer: Ernesto Baroloni
1st Trustee: Vincenzo Lucchesi
2nd Trustee: Salvatore Terrasi
3rd Trustee: Pasquale Veleno
4th Trustee: Rosario Salamone
5th Trustee: Francesco Piacitelli
1st Master of Ceremonies: Nicola Baccaro
2nd Master of Ceremonies: Francesco Colombo
Sergeant at Arms: Antonio Veleno
Sergeant at Arms: Ernest Mariano
Arbitration Committee: Bonifacio Finocchi, Agostino Fava, Vincenzo Russo, Luigi Di Grappa, Rocco Telese
Grand Delegates: Bonifacio Finocchi, Agostino Fava
Assistant Grand Delegates: Francesco Santucci, Pietro Vaccaro

After the installation, the American flag was christened by Teresa Carbone, Godmother, and Vito Carbone, Godfather. The Italian flag was christened by Vincenzo Russo, Godfather, and his daughter Maria Russo, Godmother. The official languages are Italian and English, the emblem of the Order is a golden lion in a field of white, and the motto is "Liberty, equality and fraternity."

The lodge meets once a month. Meetings were held at first in the Eagles Hall, corner Nason and Summer Streets, later at Elks Hall on Main Street and at present are held at the Italian Social Club Hall, Waltham Street.

The Lodge provides medical services and illness and death benefits to members.

The official celebration is Columbus Day, Oct. 12. The Lodge sponsors civic and social activities, and encourages good citizenship for this great nation, America.

Joseph Porrazzo
Recording Secretary 1962


Venerables - Roma Lodge No. 1103 Sons of Italy

1921 Celestino Primiano
1922 Edwardo Lenzi
1923 Celestino Primiano
1924 Celestino Primiano
1925 Antonio Mistretta
1926 Antonio Mistretta
1927 Antonio Mistretta
1928 Santo Caruba
1929 Antonio Mistretta
1930 Domenico Mucciaccio
1931 Vincenzo Porrazzo
1932 Raimondo Gandolfo
1933 Salvatore Terrasi
1934 Giuseppe Porrazzo
1935 Michael Veleno
1936 Michael Veleno
1937 Giuseppe Porrazzo
1938 Michael Veleno
1939 Celestino Primiano
1940 Celestino Primiano
1941 Giuseppina Finochi
1942 Pasquale Purrego
1943 Pasquale Purrego
1944 Raimondo Gandolfo
1945 Raimondo Gandolfo
1946 Vincenzo Porrazzo
1947 Vincenzo Porrazzo
1948 Celestino Primiano
1949 Celestino Primiano
1950 Vincenzo Porrazzo
1951 Vincenzo Porrazzo
1952 Giuseppe Porrazzo
1953 Giuseppe Porrazzo
1954 Giovanni Piantedosi
1955 Giuseppe Graceffa
1956 Domenico Mucciacio
1957 Domenico Mucciacio
1958 Domenico Mucciacio
1959 Raimondo Gandolfo
1960 Raimondo Gandolfo
1961 Raimondo Gandolfo
1962 Raimondo Gandolfo

Joseph Porrazzo
Recording Secretary 1962


Nov. 4, 1927: a news article tells us of a new Italian organization: St. Anthony's Crusaders, holding a dance at Colonial Hall, 400 people in attendance, a Boston dance band for dancing and Andrew Visocchi of Boston playing the accordion for a short concert.

January 12, 1933: a news article tells us of the formation of the Italian Social Club at Hall on Waltham Street. The initial officers were: Pres. Raymond Gandolfo, Vice-Pres. Adam Mariani, Rec, Sec'y Vincinzo lannuzzo, Fin. Sec'y Vito Carbone, Treas. Charles Visocchi, Trustees Joseph Morgante, Luigi Tiberio, Pasquale Pareago.


(The following is again from Joseph Porrazzo: a monograph on the Italian Social Club)

The Italian Social Club of Maynard, Mass, was instituted on Dec. 7, 1934 at their own Hall
at 64 Waltham St., Maynard, Mass. The Charter was issued by the State of Massachusetts with initial number of seventy-five members. The purpose of this social club is to encourage and to promote social and recreational activities among the people of the Italian Race and of Italian extraction and to stimulate closer and more friendly relationships among them.

The Officers of this Club were as follows:

President - Adam Mariani
Vice President - Charles Visocchi
Recording Secretary - Vincenzo lanuzzo
Financial Secretary - Patric Porego
Treasurer - Vito Carbone
1st Trustee - Loreto Arcieri
2nd Trustee - Antonio Colombo
3rd Trustee - Angelo Curci
Marshall - Rinaldo Mariani
Custodian - Luigi Primiano

Board of Directors:

Adam Mariani
John Perillo
Charles Visocchi
Frank Colombo
Vincenzo lanuzzo
Leonard lanuzzo
Felice Micelli
Antonio Curci
Domenick Greeno
Donato Dentino
Angelo Curci

The Club meets once a month. In the event of the death of any member the Club sends a Floral Tribute and provides a Committee of six members to attend the funeral. Also at the death of any member of the family the Club sends a Floral Tribute.

The Club sponsors Civic Activities and encourages good Citizenship for the Town of Maynard.

Joseph Porrazzo
35 Walnut Street
Maynard, Massachusetts
June 1963


Dec. 15, 1933: a news note tells us of an Italian-American citizens club meeting at Coop. Hall Sunday afternoon as part of a naturalization drive with Rep. Frank Sheridan addressing the meeting.

Feb. 22, 1935. An organizational meeting of a new society, "Our Lady of Indulgence", took place at the Italian Social Club Hall with the following as officers: Head Delegate Mrs. Caroline Visocchi, Officers Virginia Angelosanto and Santa Mariano. 80 were enrolled with Professor Amendo Mariano of Boston giving an address.

Mar. 22, 1935: An Italian Citizens Club organized with Michael Lalli as President and Michael Barilone Vice-President at 10 Main Street for clubroom.

In the latter 30's Saint Anthony's Society was organized.

As of this writing (1969) the Italian people in Maynard still have some of these organizations in their midst: Sons of Italy, Italian Social Club, Our Lady of Indulgence Society, and the Saint Anthony's Society. With the passing of the old guard, and the thrust into the mainstream of American life of the young people of Italian extraction, these organizations are with us but not as strong.

May it be said that this light-hearted people of Latin extraction have added a lot of vivacity and spice to the Maynard scene: an extra dimension which would surely have been missed in the hum-drum life of a mill-town. May it continue so.

Read at the meeting of The Maynard Historical Society

- B.R. Koski