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A courtesy map of Boston & Vicinity given away at the Digital Training Center at Bedford, MA. The map was folded so as to fit inside a matchbook-like container.

A photo book that spans the time that DEC was active in the mills of Maynard. Pictures of people, equipment, construction and activities.

A map of the origin and development of Digital Equipment Corporation from 1957 through 1986. The DEC Tree is an article that was published in the magazine "Computerworld" on September 24, 1986.

An extra edition of the magazine all about DEC.

The Year of DEC

"We had a vision of computing we knew the world needed" - Ken Olsen

Two black and white photos of the Spark Chamber Scanning System 2319.

This document is a compilation of 100 abstracts discussing multiple platforms, networking, programming technology, system modelling and management techniques, and selected applications. Robert W. Taylor is thenoted Director of SRC (Systems Research…

A product guide for Digital's Storage Works System which provide product storage solutions.

A pamphlet developed by Digital that tracks the generational development of computer technology. At the time of publication it was the fourth generation (1975). This report is the result of the Museum Project 1975, spearheaded by Gordon Bell, VP of…

Two brochures outlining a guide to important phone numbers of each department in the Digital Mill location.

The Sales Update series is Digital's official announcement vehicle of new product information to the sales organization worldwide.

A brochure outlining instructions for the PDP15 model.

A Digital Bulletin discussing the Company's EEO Program. It states that every employee is free to participate with equal opportunity, in all aspects of the Company; to share opportunities to earn, to learn, to advance his/her career.

EPSON009e (2).jpg
A black and white aerial view of the Maynard Mill Buildings/Digital Equipment Corp.

The Global Newspaper for DIGITAL Employees commemorating 40 years of people, products, and services. Digital was part of Compaq at this time, 1998.

Ad/poster shows a VAX-11/780 computer with the message "At Digital, we think a computer is only as good as the 14,000 service people who stand behind it."

Includes the tagline: "Digital - We change the way the world thinks."

Publicity photo of the Memory Test Systems 2113 Core Memory Tester (built from DEC system modules.) A memory test computer was used to test the ferrite core memory modules in early general computers such as Whirlwind.

Publicity photo of an early model of a Digital PDP-1 (Programmable Data Processor) computer. On table is a CRT display, control panel and paper tape reader.

Publicity photo of the Memory Test Systems 1516 core memory tester (built from DEC system modules.) A memory test computer was used to test the ferrite core memory modules in early general computers such as Whirlwind.