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This is likely her senior class photo.

Condensed obituary forwarded to Elizabeth Schnair by Mrs. Harry C. Thayer in May 1970:

"Alvin Dudley Russell, who was for many years a resident and business man in Maynard, died at South Acton July 3, 1898. He was twice representative to the…

Portrait of William Hooper, one of the top employees at the American Powder Mill.

A. M. Osgood was the 21st minister of the Maynard Methodist Church serving from 1912-1917. The history of the church extends back to when the area was referred to as Assabet Village. Church organization was discussed at a meeting for the purpose of…

This photo was taken sometime before his death in 1891.
Abel C. Livermore was born on September 19, 1824 in Weston, Massachusetts the son of Daniel and Hannah Livermore. He married Olive V. Winch on June 6, 1851 in Weston. They did not have any…

This is one of the Society’s Cabinet Cards. Cabinet Cards reached their peak of popularity from the 1870's through the 1890's. They have a thin gelatin (black and white) or albumen (sepia) print pasted on heavy card stock, usually 4 ¼ x 6 ½ in.…

Archibald Livingston (often with an E) was 7 years old in this photo. He was born in Maynard on 3 July 1888, the son of Douglas H. Livingstone and Emma F. (Henderson) Livingstone. Archibald's father, Douglas, was killed in a Powder Mill explosion…

Unidentified family group taken at Holmes photographic studio.

A formal photograph of a young Leslie Sims.

Mr. Hillis, with Mr. Joseph W. Reed, resident lawyers, gave his services without compensation in obtaining the Charter for the Town of Maynard. He was elected a member of the first school committee at the first town meeting on April 27, 1871. Also…

This is her Maynard High School senior picture.

These seven formal photographs were taken by C. D. Holmes and mounted as Cabinet Cards. None of the subjects are identified.

This is his Maynard High School senior class picture.

This is his Maynard High School senior class picture.

This is his Maynard High School senior class picture.

This is her Maynard High School 1897 senior class picture.
The second photo has been edited to remove the scratches on the original picture. Annie Buckley was the daughter of Timothy Buckley, well-known and long-time resident of Maynard, Mass, and…