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The coupons could be used when purchasing 1 to 50 gallons of oil during World War II.

To receive a gasoline ration card, a person had to certify a need for gasoline.

The books contain removable stamps that could be used during World War II to purchase rationed products.

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World War II coupon book for rationed products.

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The booklet, now empty, contained 13 coupons possibly owned by E.Barker.

A collection of ration coupons including War Ration Books One, Two and Three, Fuel Oil Ration, United Co-operative Butter Card, V-Fuel Oil Ration and Sugar Ration.

A booklet containing 8 coupons for various automolie maintainence service.

To discourage a large number of people coming to the cashier's office to cash checks on payday, a charge of 10 cents was made and a coupon issued redeemable in the supermarket when shopping on purchases of $2.00 or more.