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Photograph of the Maynard Cricket Club.

Some of the individuals in this photo are:
Harry Rodway, Alfred Billet, James Rodway, John McInnis, Sandy McCowen, Tom Halliday, Ralph Hill, George Martin, Albert Easthope, Dan Grass, William Conley

The Maynard Cricket Club was located where the Green Meadow School was built. It was started in the early 1900's by a group of Englishman. They built a clubhouse down in the corner of the lot and had a cricket club which played in a league with…

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The Cricket Club was located just behind where the Green Meadow School is now located with the playground of the school the playing field location of the club. The club played for several years in a Central Massachusetts League, wining the…

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Front eight: Tom French, Harry Rodway, Marsden Waterhouse, ___?, Alf Billett, ___?, ___?, Fred Oats

Center six: second from left, Jack McInnis: last on right, Geo Stockwell

Back eighteen on porch: first on left, Henry Ledgard; sixth from right,…

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Outing at the Old Cricket Club. Note the two kegs.

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Testimonial for James Parkinson prior to his trip to England.

James Parkinson, older man seated with garland around his neck. To his right, May Waterhouse, Marsden Waterhouse, Gladys Hellaivell. Young boy leaning on table to his left, Sam…

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Back six standing: ___?, Fred Palmer, Harry Rodway, ___?, Thomas French, George Stockwell, Sr.

Front four with uniform sitting on step: ___?, ___?, Charles Spence, Roderick McIver.

Behind Spence left to right: Charles Turnbull (with turtle neck…

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A six page program for the First Annual Grand Complimentary Banquet held at Cooperative Hall, Summer St. on Saturday Evening, November 18th, 1905.

Reception Committee:
H.J. Rodway, Pres., H. Whitehead, V.Pres., A. Webber, Sec., F. Oates, R.…

l to r: Ben Hooper, Alfred Billett, Thomas Wright, Marsden Waterhouse

The club won the cup in Clinton.

l to r: Jack Booth, Albert Easthope, Thomas French

Front: J. Cowles, Al Billet, ___?, M. Waterhouse
Center: Fred Oates, A. Easthope, T. French, ___?
Back: T.Murray, ___?, ___?, ___?, H. Rodway, A. Webber

Photo taken at the old Cricket Club grounds, now the playgrounds for the Green Meadow School.

They played at the Maynard Cricket Club grounds.

Front: Rodney McIver, Charles Allan, Ralph Hill, Jr. (young boy), Richard Allan, ___ McNiven
Center: Fred Palmer, Ralph Hill, Charles Turnball, Arthur B. Cowle, Thomas Murray, Sandy…

Contains copies from newspapers, histories , hand written articles about cricket club and a Special Club License for alcoholic beverages from 1916.

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A formal photo.

l to r
Front: Jack Mahan, Harry Rodway, Nick Driscoll, Mark Newton, Henry Ledgard, Thomas Breck
Back: Jack McInnis, James Murray, Joe Lambert, Mike(?) Joyce, Tom French, Tom Murray, Charles Spence

l to r
Front: Ralph Hill, Sr.; Thomas Murray, Fred Neuman, ___?, Fred Palmer

Center: Ralph Hill, Jr.; James Cowles, Roddy McIver, Jesse Billet, Jack Murray, Charles Spence

Back: ___?, Thomas Wright, Richard Allen, Robert Yahn, Ed Billet,…

l to r
Front: Harry Rodway, Thomas Beck, Charles Spence

Center: John Mahon, Nicholas Driscoll, Mark Newton, Henry Ledgard, Jock McInnis

Back: James Murray, Joseph Lambert, Mull Joyce, Thomas French, Thomas Murray

A photo of Maynard Cricket Club Soccer Team, ca 1915.