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A chronology of the Maynard Cricket Club which operated from 1901 - 1925.

A historical review of all manner of sports and games in Maynard

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David LeSage, Michael Gormley, Roger Kinard, Robert Young, James Corcoran, Robert Oska, Steven Ojalehto, Robert Pegastrom, Charles Wuorio, Steven Brown, Thomas Watt, James Toohey, Christoper Quinn

Row 2:
Thomas Dawson, Steven Silva, ??,…

This is likely an early 1900's Maynard High School team even with the unusual shirt designations.

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Front: Albert Connors, ___?, Joseph Sczerzen, Tauno Torppo
Back: Albert Lerer, Albert Fairbanks, Howard King, Tauro Frigard, Don Lent

One of the very first baseball teams in Maynard. This one was managed by Charles D. (Dudley) Holmes, photographer, and a civil war veteran.

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Front: __Stewart, __Hodgden
Center: __Coggins, __Larkin, Charles D. Holmes, J. Connors,…

Contains copies from newspapers, histories , hand written articles about cricket club and a Special Club License for alcoholic beverages from 1916.

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F. Vodoklys, R. Marsden, C. Lerer, M. Stuckert, J. Driscoll, M. Finebert, ___?, Coach Horace Bates