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Contact the Historical Society if you can help with identifications

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Front Row (10): Steve Wojtkiewicz, Deborah Stone, James Moore, Bruce Hallett, Donald Martin, Robin Gott, Linda Lampila, Sandra Wuorio, Suzanne Lehto, Jane Byrne

Center Row ((9): Sheila Russell (teacher), Ronna Willis, Charles Fairbanks,…

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Front Row (9): Jean Byrne, ___?, Robin Gott, Suzanne Lehto, Linda Lampila, Sandra Wuorio, Bruce Hallett, Donald Martin, Deborah Stone

Center Row (8): Karen Hunter, James Moore, ___?, Lorna Kizik, Susan Alatalo, ___?, Robert Novick,…

Back Row, 4th from right: Janet Brayden

Contact the Historical Society is you can help with identifications

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Front Row (10): Debbie Starr, Bruce Hallett, Donald Martin, Jimmy Moore, ___?, Suzanne Lehto, ___?, Sandy Wuorio, Linda Lampila, Jean Byrne

Center Row (10): Florence Craig (teacher), Janet Brayden, Jimmy Stanford, Cindy Quirk, Susan…

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Front Row (9): Deb Starr, ___?, James Moore, ___?, Donald Martin, Sandy Wuorio, Robin Gott, Cathy LeMoine, Jean Byrne

Center Row (10): Robert Novick, Reggie Dunn, ___?, ___?, Brian Derby, Susan Alatalo, ___, Cindy Quirk, Lorna Kizik,…

A class picture of students in fourth grade in 1967.

We have no identification for the class or teacher. Please let us know if you recognize anyone.

A class picture of students in sixth grade in 1969. Constantes Leonardos was the classroom teacher.

Row 1 (front):
John Loomer
Gerald Byrne
James Moore
Wendy Tomyl
Linda Lampila
Sandra Wuorio
Suzanne Lehto
Jean Byrne


A class picture of students in sixth grade in 1969. Helen Teittinen was the classroom teacher.

Row 1 (front):
Carleen Mansfield
Joyce Kangas
Cathy Lemoine
Richard Gramolini
John Kallio
Scott McDowell
Diane Sousa
Susan Sheppard

Row 1:
David LeSage, Michael Gormley, Roger Kannaird, Robert Young, James Corcoran, Robert Oksa, Steven Ojalehto, Robert Degerstrom, Charles Wuorio, Steven Brown, Thomas Watt, James Toohey, Christoper Quinn

Row 2:
Thomas Dawson, Steven Silva,…