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A collection of certificates of redeemed, replaced or transferred shares from the early 1930's through 1962.

A certificate issued to Stanley Slabyz for four shares of capital stock.

One share of stock issued to Owen J. Hill in 1956 for the sum of $5.00.

A series of American Woolen Company Stock Certificates and Common Dividends issued in 1922, 1946-1951, to John F. King, an employee.

One share for $5.00 of Capital Stock issued to Jacob Sawutz on January 21, 1917.

One share United Cooperative Society stock isssued to Edward J. Boltrukiewicz, signed by Arvo N. Rivers and Charles W. Manly.

One share purchased by Mikko Saari in the Kaleva Co-operative Association later to become the United Cooperative Society.

Certificate for one share of the Capital Stock of the Maynard Co-operative Milk Association issued to Mikko Saari on April 1, 1915. This Association became part of the Kaleva Co-operative Association in 1917.