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All about education in Maynard: schools, yearbooks, sports.


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School Chair #2
An original chair from the "old Brick School" on Summer Street.

see 1999.2

School Chair #1
An original chair from the "Brick School" on Summer St. The building is still standing but has undergone changes.

The Town of Stow on March 3, 1766 voted to build three school houses in the outlying districts and there is no doubt that this…

Maynard High School Basketball Team  -  1921
l to r
F. Vodoklys, R. Marsden, C. Lerer, M. Stuckert, J. Driscoll, M. Finebert, ___?, Coach Horace Bates

Maynard High School Track Team  - 1932
A photo of the Maynard High School Track Team, 1932.

Maynard High School Football Team  -  1935
A photo of the MHS Football Team in 1935.

Maynard High School Baseball Team  - 1906
This was the first uniformed team in the history of the High School.

Front Row: Ralph Lawton,cf; Oscar Sawyer,c; James V. Sweeney,p.
Center Row: Carl Persons,3b; Scott Kingsbury Perry,lf; Frank May,ss & captain; Harold Dufor,1b; Louis…

Old  Main Street School Grade 4( ?)  -  ca 1890
A sepia photo of children posing outside of a school building. Unknown year or grade level.

Nason Street School Grade 3 - 1903
A sepia photo of Grade 3 in the Nason Street School, 1903. The teacher is Miss Stratton.

(l to r)
Front: Francis McCarthy, Albert Ledgard, Mildred Comeau, Mary Sweeney, Edith Baron, John Comeau, Olive Morgan, Roy Kimball, Ruby Marchant, Claribel…

Salute to Rear Admiral Sampson - 1900
Two sepia photos. As part of Merchants Week, boys and girls dressed as Marines, were on hand to greet Rear Admiral William T. Sampson, the "Hero of Santiago", when he visited Maynard on May 16, 1900. He was presented with a shuttle from the Assabet…

Maynard High School Grade 9 - 1909
A sepia photo of the Freshman Class of 1909. The students are named as follows:

Front (l-r): Earl Brairly, Everett White, Ray Hamlin, Brad Parker (?), Mary Parmenter, Ruth Siswick, Vera Lawton, Rose Mahoney.

Rear(l-r): Frank Sheridan, Herbert…

Maynard High School at Washington, D.C - 1912
Two copies of the Maynard High School Senior Class of 1912, sitting on the steps of the Congressional Library while touring in Washington, D.C.

l to r
Front: Jennie Laitila, Ethel Howard, Mary Parmenter, Rose Mahoney, Raymond Hamlin


Old Main Street School Grade 6(?)  -  ca 1890
A faded photo of students outside the Old Main Street School. Unknown grade or year.

Nason Street School Grade 4 - 1905
A sepia photo of the 4th grade class in 1905.

The students listed on back of photo are: Svanti Kukula, Wm. Baldwin, Oscar Adamson, Harold Dockerty, Amy Newhouse, Emil Peterson, John Hendrickson, Joseph Daniels, Laurs Chalmers, Gladys Marchant,…

Maynard High School at Mt. Vernon  -  Class of 1916
For several years the senior class of the high school was allowed to take a trip during the spring vacation. They left by train on Friday and went to Boston then Providence, RI. Boarded a boat for an overnight cruise to New York City where they…

Nason Street School Grade 2 - 1894
Two copies of a sepia photo of Grade 2 students outside their school.
(l to r):
Front: unidentified

Second: Mabel Morris, Anna Carpenter, Evelyn Callahan, Gertrude Mahoney, Edna Denniston, Florence Hart, Annie Garlick, Eva Edwards, Anna…

Nason Street School Grade 1 - 1908
Four copies of a sepia photo of the 1st grade at the Nason Street School in 1908. Herbert W. Martin was a member of this class.

Nason Street School Grade 7 - 1908
A sepia photo of the 7th grade at the Nason Street School in 1908. The teacher is Miss Sheridan of Lowell, Mass. If you look closely at the picture you will see the initials of each student.

Nason Street School Grade 5 - 1906
A sepia picture of the 5th grade class at the Nason Street School in 1906. The teacher is Miss Rockwell. if you look closely at the picture you will see the initials of each student.

Nason Street School Grade 6 - 1907<br />
A sepia class picture of the Nason Street School 6th grade class in 1907. The teacher is Miss Burns.

 Maynard High School Graduates  -  Class of 1914
l to r
Seated: John Gibbons, Madeline Wall, Julia Sheehan, Margare Dunn, Wilford Hooper

Standing: Mabel Taylor, Albert Murphy, Genevieve Coughlin, Mildred Randall, Whitney Bent, Herbert Martin, Rose Jackman, Ralph Cheney, Hazel Easthope