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Emerson "Spotlight" yearbook of the 8th grade students (future Class of 1971). Describes their Junior High days and experiences. Includes superlatives, class will, baby pictures, and class photos of their Elementary School days.

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Front Row: Joanne Terrasi, Patricia Tobin, Janice Uglevich, Gail Swett, Carol Olsen, Jean Price, Sandy Sluyski, Diane Ogar

Second Row: Maryann Sawyer, Janet Kane, Arner Tibbetts, Jean Pierozzi, Paul Setzco, Lynda Palmer, Susan…

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Front Row: Jean Pierozzi, Beverly DeGrappo, Patsy Barry, Caroline Maria, Roberta Navedonsky, Patti Latva, Carolyn Carey, Carolyn Cunningham, Ann Marie Johnston

Second Row: Anthony Maria, ___?___, Bill McDowell, Ray Crowley, Richard…

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Front Row: Jeanne Hanson, Joanne Terrasi, Pat Tobin, Elaine Colleton, Carol Olsen, Gail Swett, Jean Price, Lynda Palmer, Susie Koskinen

Second Row: Joanne Riggerio, Bill Duggan, Charlie Wilson, Jon Armour, Barry Penniman, Charlie Warila,…

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Front Row: Adele Croft, Maureen Mullin, Janice Uglevich, Patricia Latva, Roberta Cuttle, Mary Bakun, Joyce Rawn, Karalee Manty, Marguerite Angelosanto

Second Row: Peg Lowney, John Stefanowicz, ___?___, Joseph Zawadski, Arlene Pirkola,…

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Front Row: Karen Pyska, Diane Shaw, ___?___, ___?___, ___?___, Joan Wheeler, ___?___, Dorothy Morrison, Karen Carson

Second Row: Paul Staple, Jim Murphy, Karen Sousa, Marcia Zance, ___?___, ___?___, Adrienne Ruggiero, ___?___, Leo…

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Front Row:
Jeannette Tompkins, Elaine Rodgers, Gene Hatch, Gary Stuart, George Neimi, Robert Hynes, Paula Moore, Lois Agin, Diane Landry, ___?___, Rosemary Malloy

Second Row: Janis Kizik, Peggy Ann Johnson, ___?___, Gerry Kane, Linda…

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Front Row: Beverly DeGrappo, Carolyn Cunningham, Diane Annett, Vicki Burnette, Arlene Brooks, Elaine Colleton, Carolyn Carey, Patsy Barry, Sheila Westcott

Second Row: Ronald Burt, Richard Chartoransky, Bill McDowell, Robert Anderson,…

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Front Row: Beverly Wheeler, Karen Sousa, Gloria Konowicz, Carol Raikunen, Mary Ellen Shae, Elizabeth Tompkins, Francis Marsh, Cynthia Kodzis, Elaine Mariano

Second Row: Jane Vermilysa, Paula Imbimbo, Carol Mason, Diane Shaw, Mildred…

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Front Row: Greta Kansanniva, Antoinette Nelson, Diane Iannetelli, Gloria Finan, Mary Bondalevich, Mary Ann Brooks, Lynn Downy

Second Row: Elaine Grigas, Mary Lee Darcy, Dick Fardy, Robert Hannon, Sandy McDowell, Judy DeGrappo, Carol…

Program from the 2011 Induction Ceremony for the Maynard High School Athletic Hall of Fame, held November 19, 2011, at the Maynard Elks Hall. The booklet contains the Hall of Fame Mission Statement; a letter from Ed Mullin, Committee Chairman; a list…

"Emerson Spotlight" was written by the Class of 1971 while they were in 7th grade at Emerson Junior High School. Includes news, activities, thoughts, poems, cartoons, jokes, a crossword puzzle, and more.

A student newspaper written by the 7th and 8th grade students at Emerson Junior High School (Classes of 1970 and 1971). It's a collection of thoughts, activities, and experiences that took place during 1966.

Program from the 2009 Induction Ceremony for the Maynard High School Athletic Hall of Fame, held November 21, 2009, at the Maynard Elks Hall. The booklet contains the Hall of Fame Mission Statement; a letter from Ed Mullin, Committee Chairman; a list…

A proposed subdivision of 335 lots by Alice A. L. Rapson. Street names where to be: Harvard St., Cambridge St., Francis Ave., Elmhurst Road, William St., Eveleth Road, Hartwell Road, Elizabeth Road, Williams St., Myrick Road, Florence Road & Charles…

The documents include a report by the Regional School District Planning Committee (shown), Amended Agreement, Finance Committee Report, Maynard's Process, Notes on Regionalization Survey, Maynard Regional Study Questionnaire and the Curriculum…

The Committee was organized to study the possible regionalization of the Maynard Schools with the Acton and Boxborough Schools. Shown are the minutes of the first meeting.

Copies of several hundred newspaper articles relating to the regionalization effort of the Maynard schools with Boxborough and Acton. The articles appeared in the Maynard Beacon, The Middlesex News, The Acton Beacon, Minuteman Chronicle. Shown is…

A fourteen slide power point presentation opposing the regionalization of Maynard schools with Acton and Boxborough. Cover and first slide shown.

A collection of papers outlining reasons for not regionalizing the schools with Acton and Boxborough. The SOS group included by Karen Derby, Bill Gorman, Herb Symes, Tom Konetzny, Cindy Svec Ruzich.