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The history of Girl Scouts in Maynard beginning in two sections: 1919-1944 and 1952-1976. This History was compiled by Miss Pearl McAuslin, Miss Edith McAuslin, Mrs. Maxine Nenonen, Mrs. Peg Waluck, and Mrs. Alice Warren.

"Memories of an old Massachusetts town and its unique response to industrial America
An Oral History by Ruth Moulton Ragan"

A book highlighting Maynard's history published at the time of Maynard's 150th commemoration. (see introduction)

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"Illustrated by the author with three hundred and four pictures covering all the counties in Massachusetts".

A photograph entitled "Maynard Watering Place" can be found on page 175.

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This book lists the graves of soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary War. While this was prior to the incorporation of the town of Maynard, names from neighboring Sudbury and Stow are listed on pages 47 and 48. The list for Sudbury includes…

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From the title page:
"History of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Containing Carefully Prepared Histories of Every City and Town in the County, by Well-Known Writers, and A General History of the County from the Earliest to the Present Time". …

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A compilation of "who's who" in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1888-1890. Includes an entry for Lorenzo Maynard on pages 399-400.

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This index was compiled by the Sudbury Historical Society as a companion to Alfred Hudson's 1889 History of Sudbury, which was published in observance of the town's 250th anniversary.

"This index seeks to serve the needs of historians,…

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A history of the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts, published in honor of the town's 250th anniversary. Chapter XXIX includes the incorporation of Maynard.

A separate index, compiled by the Sudbury Historical Society in 1983, includes a list of…

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A history of Middlesex County in Massachusetts. Book does not include a title or copyright page. An index is taped to the inside, listing the towns included in the history: Acton, Ashby, Burlington, Cambridge, Carlisle, Dunstable, Lexington,…

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Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary Commissioners, appointed by Governor Frank G. Allen: Herbert Parker (Chairman), Frank Roe Batchelder (Vice Chairman), Sybil H. Holmes (Secretary), Robert B. Choate, John Cifrino, Henry Colt,, Allan Forbes,…

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"The second in a series of portrayals of Old New England towns".

"Illustrated with reproductions of pencil sketches from the original domiciles built in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries". List of illustrations: Sudbury Center in Winter;…

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Includes the birth, marriage and death records for the town of Stow, Massachusetts through 1850.

"This publication is issued under the authority of a vote passed by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, November 6, 1901".

Committee on…

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Book on the principles of woolen manufacturing, which includes 111 diagrams. Chapter titles include: The History of the Woollen Trade; Wool, and Wool Washing; Carbonizing; Shoddy; Oils and Soaps; Opening Processes; Mixing; Carding; Card Feeds and…

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A history of the town of Acton, Massachusetts through 1950, with an errata sheet taped on the inside front cover. Includes multiple references to the town of Maynard.

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This book is a facsimile reprint edition of the 1891 original. Includes Part III, The Annals of Maynard, Mass.

Irving Burg wrote this history of the mills in Maynard at the time they were owned and operated by the Maynard Industries, 1953-1974.

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A compilation of articles that relates some of the highlights of Maynard's past.


An extensive history of the department written by Henry T. Hanson. The picture is Henry Hanson.

Excerpts of some of the major events as gleamed from the Annual Reports of the Town of Maynard by Ralph Sheridan. These include votes of Town Meeting, financial data, school reports, By-Law changes, various town department reports etc...