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Cora and Eva are the daughters of Joshua J. Edwards and Margaret (Maggie) McAuslin. Cora Edwards was born in 1892 & died in 1903. Eva Edwards was born 1888 and died in 1973. Eva married a Frye and had one child, Leon. Eva worked in Sanderson's…

The history of Girl Scouts in Maynard beginning in two sections: 1919-1944 and 1952-1976. This History was compiled by Miss Pearl McAuslin, Miss Edith McAuslin, Mrs. Maxine Nenonen, Mrs. Peg Waluck, and Mrs. Alice Warren.

A brass lamp used to disinfect and deodorize your home. Formalin is a form of formaldehyde and was vaporized to kill a variety of bacteria in the home and workplace. The lamp sold for $1.75 and the formalin pellets were $.30 for 20 ct.

Six U.S. Navy pins, two are labeled the FJ-4 Fury pins. The FJ-4 is a fighter-bomber for the US Navy and Marine Corps.

A home-made rug hooker belonging to Cora Doret Edwards.

The Remington Typewriter Company awarded a pin to Pearl McAuslin.

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baby dress.jpg
The articles include: 2 muslin dresses for a doll, 2 blankets, 2 shirts, 1 hat, 1 pair of light blue shoes, 1 pair of long stockings, and 2 wraps, from the late nineteenth century.

childs purse invitation.jpg
A black child's purse from the late nineteenth century containing a child's handkerchief and birthday party invitation. The invitation is for a birthday party for Marcella Sullivan and is addressed to Cora Edwards. The party is for May 20th, at 3:30.

Still Image of the employees in the perching weave room in the mill in the early 1900's. Left to right: James Keller, Frank Johnson, Thomas Wright, Harry Brooklyn, William McAuslin, Hiram Parkin, August Moynihan, Herbert Whitehead, and __ Smith.