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This large group is likely from the Woolen Mill or maybe a school group.

Wool sorters seperate the the newly arrived wool and sort the fibers according to type, grade and length.

Still Image of the employees in the perching weave room in the mill in the early 1900's. Left to right: James Keller, Frank Johnson, Thomas Wright, Harry Brooklyn, William McAuslin, Hiram Parkin, August Moynihan, Herbert Whitehead, and __ Smith.

Operator in Weave Room March 19, 1901.

Employees of the dry finishing department 1905.
Front Row:
Second from left Albert C. Fourth from left P. Carbone

Photo of young boys working at blending. Scored wool and other fibers are blended before carding. As of 1891, one eighth of the workers were less than 16 years old and made 5.5 cents per hour.
Photo of a team of pipe fitters who are part of the…

Drawing In Room Employees:
Front Row:
Frank Riley, John Manning
Second Row:
Third Row:
Maude Turnbull,____,___,___,Albert Batley, Mame McCarthy, Clara Binks,___,____
Back Row:
_____, Jim Sheridan,_____,John Sheridan, Fred…

Sewing Room Employees.
Starting with first row.
Margaret Keegan, Nellie McHan, Mame Kelly, Lizzie McHass, Cecelia O'Toole, Meg Scully, Net Binns?, Kate Sweeney, Sadie McGarrey, Frank Moynihan, Connie Desmond, Mary Callahan, Nellie Crotty,…

Photo of Office Employees Dry Finishing Department.
Left to Right
Thomas Quirk, ____,_____,____, Tom Deane

Coal was the main source of power for the mill complex in the early 1900s. The coal was brought to the mill by train and was unloaded and shoveled into the boilers by these workers.

Taken at the coal pile on Walnut Street before the installation of oil. The men in the picture are the second hands and employees of both departments which were under one head.

Photo of Fulling or Wet Finishing Department 1902 Assabet Mills

Dry Finishing Room Employees at Assabet Woolen Mills

Members of the dry finishing department at the American Woolen Mills 1931.

Sixteen employees of the mill taken in the early 1900's, formally dressed.

Photograph of the overseers of the mill taken in 1921.
Left to Right
Front Row
1. Harry Burnham 2. James J Morgan 3. Everett Troope, Sr (alternate spelling Troup) 4. Charles Courtney 5. Frank Prue 6. Joseph Donohue 7. Albert Easthope 8. Thomas…

l to r:
Front: __Rahkonen, Lauri Hiipakka, Lempi Eklund, Waldemar Niemela, ___?, Aili Saarela, Charles Hekkala, Bill Saarela

Center: Oskari Kallio, __Pajunen, Axel Salmi, Frank Mark, ___?, Katie Tofferi, Elsa Tofferi, Mary Kukkula, Aarne…

Front: Kusti Linna, Aili Saarela, Mary Kukkula, Arvo Rivers, Laina Walsh, Saimi Korsman, Ivar Dahiroth, Fred Uljua

Center: Burt Ruotsala, Charles Hekkala, Edward Helander, Arne Luoma, Oscar Laine, Albin Saaristo, Anton Anderson, August Lehto,…

Front Row: John Ojalehto, Frank Mark, Hjalmar Nieminen, ___?, ___?, Gustaf Linna, John Pulkkinen

2nd Row: __Seura, Senja Honkonen,N. H. Nystrom, ___?, Otto Fonsell , ___?, Waino Linna

3rd Row: ___?, Mrs Kammonen (?), John Kammonen, Lempi Mark,…