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  • Collection: Centennial

Two die used to imprint the front and the back of the Centennial Commemorative medals distributed in 1971. Also included are two medals, one silver and one bronze.

This was likely given to Maynard at the time of the centennial, 1971. Ayer was incorporated in the same year as Maynard, 1871.

A gavel used during the Maynard Centennial (1971) by the Main Charter Belles. The inscription reads: "Main Charter Belles, 1871-1971".

An accompanying poem reads: "We hand you this gavel with pleasure and pride; It's your symbol of office when…

Used as an enforcer by the Sheriff, Mary Ellen Piantidosi.

These are "autograph" cards filled out by 332 students attending the Maynard Public Schools containing their name, grade, and school. The cards will placed in the time capsule which was opened for the Sesquicentennial in April 2021.

At this time…

A Maynard Centennial Commemorative Medal with mailing envelope was found in the Maynard Centennial Time Capsule. The Capsule was buried in 1971 and opened in 2021. The envelope and medal were donated by Joseph Boothroyd.

The Selectman purchasing Ball tickets.
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Eileen Duggan, Betsy Shaw, Will Dodd, Ray Sheridan, Howard Boeske, Mary Kurowski, Tom Cocco, Vera Leithead

A copy of the Assabet Valley Beacon published on June 24, 1971 was found in the Maynard Centennial Time Capsule. The Capsule was opened in 2021.

A Maynard Centennial Sheriff Badge which was found in the Maynard Centennial Time Capsule, buried in 1971 and opened in 2021. The badge is made of metal and is black with gold colored tips.

The Maynard Centennial Committee issued Charters to the following Centennial Belles groups: American Legion Auxillary; Kaleva Belles; International; Main Belles; Cameo's; Emblem Club #205; All American Club; Maynard Woman's Club; and Rod & Gun…

The 'Brothers of the Brush' were a group of men in Maynard who grew beards during the Centennial Year 1971. Brothers of the Brush Charters were issued to the following groups: 'The Muskrats'; the 'Deer Slayers'; the 'Milltowners'; the 'Smoke…

A written account of Jonathan Wright having been born in the Centennial Year, July 13, 1971. On November 29, 1972, he drew the first winner of Bronze Medal at the Youth Night Program. This notice was found in the Maynard Time Capsule of 1971 when…

A brochure issued in April 1971 that shared pertinent information about the Centennial Celebration and related Committees.

A sample of the Centennial letterhead and envelope used during the Centennial Year 1971 in Maynard, MA. The samples were found in the Centennial Time Capsule from 1971. The Capsule was opened in 2021.

A program brochure for the "Fashionable Ladies" Fashion Show held Monday, June 28, 1971 during the Maynard Centennial Celebration. A fashion show comprised of women's clothing from 1833 to 1928. The show was hosted by the Main Charter Belles.

A color photo of Virginia Weckstrom, Pianist. Virginia played the piano at "A Concert", an event sponsored by the Maynard Centennial Committee on June 27, 1971. Virginia is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Weckstrom. Virgina received her Master of…

A black and white photo of the Maynard Centennial Committee making the final payment on money appropriated by the Town of Maynard for its Centennial Celebration. Making the presentation were (L-R): Elizabeth Schnair, Joe Boothroyd, Bill Bennett,…

A list of 81 participants in the 1971 Centennial Marathon. The List was found in the 1971 Maynard Centennial Time Capsule. The Capsule was opened in 2021.

A black and white photo of The Mavericks/Brothers of the Brush, taken during the Maynard Centennial in 1971. This photo was found in the Maynard Time Capsule buried in 1971, and opened in 2021.

Row 1:
John Armour, Clayton Wardwell, Paul…

A sign produced during the Maynard Centennial, 1971, indicating a Fireman's Muster. The Muster was held at 1:00 PM in Crowe Park, Sunday, June 27, 1971. This muster sign was found in the Maynard Centennial Time Capsule, which was opened in 2021.