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The album contains 150 photographs spanning the time from the 1880's through the 1930's.
Shown is Mark Comeau, father of John B.(Batiste) Comeau. The majority of photos are of John B. Comeau, his siblings and descendants.

Photos: l to r

This is her Maynard High School senior class picture. Julia was the daughter of John Henry White and Julia Buckley White.

l to r seated
John Brayden, John Denniston,
standing unidentified

A Cabinet Card with a photo mounted on stiff cardboard stock. So name because the picture can be seen when propped on a cabinet. Dimensions were 4 x 6 in. with room for the…

The three informal photos show Fr. Crowe at the dedication of the John A. Crowe Park, October 1, 1915. He is shown autographing a program. Fr. Crowe was pastor of St. Bridger's Parish and instrumental in obtaining land for the park. He was the…

Formal portrait taken at the C. D. Holmes studio.

A photo of the Maynard Baseball Team.

P. Mitchell, J. Coulter, C. D. Holmes, J, McSween, Larkin, J. Connors

An example of a Cabinet Card that were common from the 1870's through the early 1900's. The cards were approximately 4 x 6 in. with a…

b.1830 - d. 1895

This type of cabinet card portraying the couple was often made at the time of a marriage.

Thomas Dean was an overseer at the Assabet Woolen Mill.
The first photo was taken in the 1880's, the second photo after 1900. (Thomas Dean's father, John Dean, was murder by Lorenzo Barnes in 1896. Barnes was the last man executed by hanging in…

This is likely his Maynard High School graduation photo.

Edwin Carlton was born in England, 1871, the son of Henry Carlton and Isabel Swinburne. He married Margaret McLaughlin in 1896. Edwin had two children, Henry Arthur b.1897 and Edwin(Jr) b. 1908.

Edwin was active in Maynard town affairs, serving…

This is her Maynard High School 1897 senior class picture.
The second photo has been edited to remove the scratches on the original picture. Annie Buckley was the daughter of Timothy Buckley, well-known and long-time resident of Maynard, Mass, and…

This is his Maynard High School senior class picture.

This is his Maynard High School senior class picture.

These seven formal photographs were taken by C. D. Holmes and mounted as Cabinet Cards. None of the subjects are identified.

This is her Maynard High School senior picture.

This is his Maynard High School senior class picture.

Mr. Hillis, with Mr. Joseph W. Reed, resident lawyers, gave his services without compensation in obtaining the Charter for the Town of Maynard. He was elected a member of the first school committee at the first town meeting on April 27, 1871. Also…