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Ledgers with the roster of Maynard Firemen from 1890-1955.

1) 1890-1947 Ledger is for Roll Call Members.
2) 1947-1955 Ledger is for Members of the Ladder Co.

The photos are of the ledger book cover with Maynard Fire Department official stamp…

The church to the right is St. Bridget's, then located on Main St. where this picture was taken.

Identified people
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Del Martin, William Clements, Henry Ledgard, Joshua Edwards, James Murray, James Cleary, Joshua Edwards, Asahel Haynes,…

Poster promoting a Bar-B-Q at Crowe Park.

A member of the Maynard Fire Department for many years, he was appointed as the first permanent Official Fire Chief in 1968 and served until his retirement in 1984. Elected Selectman in 1986, attended but one meeting and died a few days later.

Fire department was located on Nason Street at that time.

This picture was taken in the square in front of the ruins of Naylor Block which was completely destroyed by fire on February 11, 1917. The picture was taken the morning after the fire. (Alternate version is dated February 4, 1917 at…

Chief Priest demonstrates use of inhalator to Civil Defense personnel.

William Quinn, shown in both pictures, with other fireman training with a 1935 Dodge pumper bought used by the Maynard Fire Department. The dealer plates can be seen on the truck. The pictures are taken on Great Road where it passes over the canal…

Picture taken in front of just completed Fire Station on Nason Street in 1892. It was used continuously until 1952 when a new station was built. The building was sold to Town Paint & Supply Co. that used the building until 1983. The building was…

The Forest Pump was built from an old Moth Department sprayer. At the extreme right is Ray Carruth, a town mechanic who did most of the work building the trailer. The body of water shown was later filled and is the location of St. Bridget's School.

Harold J. Priest is the driver towing the Forrest Pump made from a 1913 tree spraying machine.

The firemen are on the way to decorate graves. The fire station was later used by Town Paint & Supply then torn down to make way for a new commercial building.

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Front: William Quinn, Tony Collins, William Priest, Walter Priest, Thomas…

A collection of 22 pictures (7 shown) mounted on cardboard backing. Some of the scenes seem to be taken in the 1920's.

Driver has been identified as either Bill Quinn or Tony Collins.
Fireman, l to r: ___?, ___?, Arthur White, Gilly O'Donnell, Jack Matey, Albert Murphy, Bill Carney, Jack Croft, ___?, John Lawton

The constitution and by-laws of Maynard's first official fire department (company).

(The document is likely a reproduction as it neither dated nor signed.)

Three sepia photos of Thomas "Tony" Collins, first full time fireman, driving the hose wagon.

see 1999.622.

Maynard's first fire station, located on Nason Street, was built ca 1891 and was used until early 1950's when a new station was built on Summer Street. Tony Collins is the driver, the first full time fireman (1903). At the very extreme left of the…