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A set of handcuffs with keys used in law enforcement.

This is a security guard or special police badge for the Finnish Workingman's Organization, T. Y. Taisto.

An account of the turbulent interplay of alcohol, the Temperance movement and Prohibition in Maynard.

A photo of an Official Police Pass for War Emergencies issued to William Duckworth by Police Chief Henry Piecewicz.

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A large wall calendar posted thru the Maynard Police Department and sponsored by Manning Pharmacy.

A large wall calendar posted thru the Maynard Police Department and sponsored by Manning Pharmacy.

Filled with sponsor pages from businesses in operation at that time.

Also contains photographs and cv's of Maynard Police Department officers and staff:

Chief Albert J. Crowley, Sr.
Sgt. James Ruggerio
Sgt. Arner Tibbetts
Sgt. Richard…


Contains the names of numerous business and private patrons of the association.

Also contains photographs of Maynard Police Department officers and staff:

Arner Tibbetts, Chief of Police
William King, Selectmen Chairman
Anne Flood,…


Members of the Maynard Police Department lead a parade down Main Street. (Centennial Parade?)

Eino Nyholm is leading. On the left is Al Crowley, then John McNamara, Tom Vincent, and Guy Perillo.

Maynard Police lead a parade down Summer Street to Memorial Park. (Visible in the background is the Knights of Columbus Hall, Bacharach's Market, Nason Street Spa).

Al Crowley is leading. On the left is Guy Perillo, Tom Vincent, Richie Clark, and…

Sergeant Crowley would be appointed to Chief of Police on 1-Oct-1968.

Sergeant Crowley would be appointed to Chief of Police on 1-Oct-1968.

This appears to be a demonstration of a new police radar.

Howard Boeske (onlookers)


Some of the attendees:
Guest standing along the wall, l to r: (16)
Father John Dziok, William Brayden, Father Ciuszinski, John Driscoll, ___?, __ Barilone, ___?, ___?, Police Chief Henry Piecewicz, Ray Marsden (?), Donald Lent, William Stockwell,…

l to r:
Audrey Malcolm, preparing corsage; Alba Lattuca, passing flower; Mike Zapareski, Police Chief; John Malcolm, in doorway; Selectman Yash Sokolowski; John Malcolm, Jr., back to camera.

Michael graduated from Maynard High School in 1930. First photo shows him when he was Police Chief, second later in life.


A brochure with six photo (three shown)

Built in 1891, the jail was the first brick building built by the Town of Maynard for municipal purposes. It was used continuously until 1934 when the police department moved to Main Street. The building was demolished in March 1984 to make way for…

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The file contains a history, research notes, pamphlets, newspaper clippings and other odd bits of information relative to the department including the uniform patch shown.

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l to r
Front: Sgt.James Ruggerio, Chief Albert Crowley, Arner Tibbetts
2nd: Joseph Falco, Anthony Kalinowski, , Gaetano Perillo, Louis Fave
3rd: William Duggan, Edward Byrne, Jose Cardoza, Wayne Allen
4th: Thomas Vincent, Edward Lawton, Richard…