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Wooden crates used to transport the beverage bottles to and from the plant on Glendale Street.

The Maydale Bottling Company was established in 1899. At one time delivered throughout New England. The company was originally located at Florida Rd…

13 Maydale Spring Beverages bottles, both clear and green-tinted, 1 pint 12 fl.oz.

A clear, glass bottle with the following inscription: "Registered - Coughlin Bros, Maynard, Mass".

A green, glass bottle from First National Store at 25 Nason St., Maynard. The words on the bottle read: "First National Stores, Registered Somerville Mass."

___? Steele was the owner and a member of the Maynard Historical Society.

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Five (5) pieces of Maydale stationary and one Maydale Beverage envelope. The envelope notes Maydale's address is 25 Glendale Street, Maynard, MA.

A Maydale Beverage Company advertising sign that was used by the Maynard Bottling Company of Glendale Street, Maynard, owned an operated by Paul Hilander. The orange and ginger ale bottled by this company was known throughout the entire Eastern…

Maynard Bottling Works was started by Waino Keto in 1899.

K. Paul Hilander (KPH) bought the business in 1914 and moved it from Florida Rd. to Glendale St. Later changing the name to Maydale Bottling Co. This bottle was found between the…