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Centennial Monograph: Maydale Spring Company


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Centennial Monograph: Maydale Spring Company


While cataloged as a monograph, this is attributed to be a 1923 article from the Weekly Enterprise which profiled the Maydale Spring Company.


Weekly Enterprise





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Maydale Spring Company

"Listen -- buy quality -- that's Maydale" is the slogan of the Maydale Sprlng Company and If the increased sales of the past year can be accepted as a criterion, it more than lives up to the established slogan.

Nine years ago, Paul Hilander, proprietor of the Maydale Spring Company started a small bottling works. His capital was not large, but but his desire to manufacture a high-grade beverage (was).

With all machinery of the motorless type he labored early and late to supply the demands of exacting customers. From the start the ingredients used in the manufacture of Maydale tonic were the best procurable. Many have approached Mr. Hilander with a syrup ”that was just as good” as the one he was paying the high price for, but they have all received the same answer. The quality of Maydale will never be reduced, but if they have anything that will make it a better beverage, Mr. Hilander is In the market for it.

A trip through the Maydale plant is both interesting and educational. First one sees the cases of empties that have been returned from the many dealers. Here are thousands of bottles that have to be washed. Cleanliness is t watchword, no chances are taken that bacteria or microbes might have become secreted in the bottles. First the botties are placed in racks that revolve through a solution of caustic acid. This thoroughly eliminates the germs. After five separate rinses the bottles are placed on an endless chain rack where a continuous spray of hot water thoroughly bathes them and leaves each bottle sparkling like a diamond.

From this rack they are conveyed to the bottling machine where an expert who has been specially trained as an operator completes the bottling process. Finally the filled bottles arrive at the labelling machine. This machine in itself is worth going milles to see. By a single operation It turns and sticks the label on the bottle, an operation that previously demanded the services of four girls.

Maydale also has its privately owned spring and tests have proved it to contain many desirable mineral qualities that are essential to good health. This spring water is not only used in the manufacture of Maydale beverages, but many persons are now ordering the five-gallon container for use at their homes.

From the humble beginning of a few dozen cases each week to the record-breaking year of 1922 when thousands upon thousands of cases were turned out is an enviable record that bespeaks fair dealings, prompt service and a beverage that for quality has no peer.

(From the Weekly Enterprise 1932J)

11-26-1915 - Paul Hilander purchased the old Cullen wetwash laundry on Glendale Street and is converting It Into a bottling company. (This property is now owned by Anderson Ford Company)