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Outer cigar box label that was presumably sold in Maynard.

The two women are standing on a bridge enjoying a smoke. It's possible that this is a photo taken later of two women dressed in period costumes.

The store was located at what is now 6-8 Main Street. Maurice Blatt was also a Junk Dealer.

The Maynard Smoke Shop was located in the Masonic Building and was run by the Sheridan brothers (Frank and Joseph). It was a popular meeting place for the men, young and old. This group was gathered on Labor Day in 1919.
The ads in the window…

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Cornelius Lynch owned a cigar company and Spec White was one of the cigar makers.

Back to Front: Cornelius Lynch, Spec White, ___?


Cornelius Lynch, a former state representative, purchased the business of a Mr. Connors in 1907 and in 1910 moved to the Masonic building. The shop became one of the most popular places in town. At the time of the photo it was owned by Tim and…

This store was possibly located in back of the Nason Street shops. The cigar boxes in the window read: Sailors Pride Tobacco, Standard Navy and Horse Shoe.

l to r:
Front: Henry Tobin, ___?, Cornelius Lynch, Mike Maley
Back: __?,___?


l to r
Front: George (Speck) White, George Lynch (Joe Tucker?)

Back: Cornelius Lynch, Jim Farrell, Ed Billet, Hugh Miller

Cornelius J. Lynch owner of the Middlesex Cigar Mfg. Company was the manager of the bowling team. "Speck" White was…

The Odd Fellows Building was built in the late 1890's for Julius Loewe who had a pharmacy in one part of the store. There was also a jeweler and a men's clothing store. On the second floor was a hall where several of the local organizations held…