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A class photo in front of the Main Street School, grade and year are unknown.

A photo of the Wilson School, Main Street School, dated 1931.

Waiting for the start of the parade as part of the town's 50th anniversary celebration. The Woodrow Wilson School was completely destroyed by fire in 1952.

From right front: Miss Publicover, Prinicipal; Mary Tobin, Ruth Fayton, Mary Quinn, Anna Fayton (glasses behind Mary Tobin).

A sepia school picture of an unidentified grade in the Main Street School, ca 1930.

A sepia photo of the Grade 5(?) in front of the Woodrow Wilson School (Main Street School).

The school was totally destroyed by a fire on December 17, 1952.
1st photo: Front and East Side
2nd photo: East Side
3rd photo: Back
4th photo: Front and West Side

The Woodrow Wilson School burned in 1952. These two texts were collected from the rubble.

A collection of School Registers for the Main Street School, renamed the Woodrow Wilson School in 1932. Each Register is for a grade (1-6), year and school. They contain names, date of birth, attendance, address, parent name, nationality,…

The school was originally the Main Street School renamed the Woodrow Wilson School.
The picture taken in the back of the school that was destroyed by fire in 1952.

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Back Row (7): Danny Carew, Al Viola, Archie Rogers, Charlie Foley, Billy…

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Front Row: Ellen Duggan, Grace Graceffa, ____?, Alice Marsden, Carolyn Harding, Judy Martino, Ellen Hearon, Betty Kugima, Virginia Rizzo, Antoinette Nelson, Dorothy Donahue, Susan Lehto, Fran Buscemi, Janet Lindquist

Center Row: Paul…

Row 1:
Mary Ann Brooks, Mercedes Stasinsky, Janet Lindquist, Carolyn Harding, Judy Martino, Ellen Duggan, Shelly Teacher, Kathy Maki, Carol Graceffa, Fran Buscemi

Row 2:
Susan France, Virginia Rizzo, Ella Clark, Herb "Butchy" Knowles, Stan…

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Back Row: Kenny Clark, Tommy Malloy, _____?, Donny Brown, Billy Tobin, Carmen Dunn, Ray Byrne, Albie Rogers, Tony Cutaia

Center Row: Henry Wolik, Albert Denby, Ernie O'Clair, Herbert Wuorio , Eddie Shubelka (?), Mary White (Worden),…