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The Riverside Co-operative Association was located in the building at the corner of Nason and Summer Streets, Knights of Columbus building. The wagon is at the corner of Maple and Summer Streets on its way to make a home delivery. Building in the…

President: James Grady
Treasurer: J. H. Long
Clerk: Michael Twomey

Directors: Jas. Grady, Michael Sweeney, Samuel Wilson, J. B. Lord, Wm. Cullen, Robert Wilson, J. H. Long, Jas. Carney, Michael Twomey

The Association was organized…

The By-laws have 11 articles that includes:
Article I: Name; Article II: Quorum; Article III: Officiers and Their Duties; Article X: Dissolution; Article XI; Amendments

A mailing of the Semi-annual Report by the the directors to Grace E. Haynes, Maynard, a shareholder.
M. Sweeney, President
M. Twomey, Treasurer
J.N. Haire, Clerk
J. D. Crosby, Manager

Directors: M. Sweeney, C. E. Drew, T. C. Denniston, H. H.…

The fire began at 6:05 PM on 30 Jan 1936. The 1st photo is a view the day after the fire, 31 Jan 1936 at 10:30 AM, from the Summer Street side. The second photo is from the front on Nason Street.
Built by the Association in 1882 as a four story…

Working force of the store, James Vincent Sweeney is the youth standing on the steps.
l to r:
Annie Butterworth Young (bookkeeper), John May, Frank Fearns, Calvin Morse, Thomas A. Sweeney, ___?
The store is on the corner of Nason and Summer…

The original hand written report on the 25th Anniversary of the Cooperative, incorporated on November 12, 1878. It contains the names of the original incorporators.

A history of the Association presented to the Maynard Historical Society by B.R.Koski in 1969.
The file also contains documents relative to the Riverside Cooperative.