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A booklet that outlines the Society's Constitution and Bylaws. The Society was founded February 26, 1911 in Maynard, MA.

The constitution and by-laws of Maynard's first official fire department (company).

(The document is likely a reproduction as it neither dated nor signed.)

In 1871 a committee comprised of the following was organized to draw up By-Laws for the newly incorporated Town of Maynard: William H. Maxwell, John Hillis, Joseph W. Reed, Asakel Balcom, W. Hazelwood and George P. Randall. Town Clerk: E.R. Chase,

The By-Laws include sections on Town Meetings, Financial Year, Town Treasurer, Water Register, Tax Collector and Taxes, Town Clerk, Assessors, Board of Health, Public Buildings, Dealers in Old Junk, Nuisances, Truancy, Streets, Jobs and Express…

The rules and regulations governing the duties of Police; Traffic Signs, Signals, Markings and Zones; Parking; Advertising Signs; One-Way Streets; and Operation of Vehicles.
Board of Selectman: Donald A. Lent, Walter A. Cheslak, Alton W. Sims

Adopted by Town Meeting November 27, 1939.
By-Law Committe;
Thomas F. Parker, Arthur J. Sullivan, Hartwell W. Flood, Herbert W. Martin, James J. Ledgard, Patrick A. McGrath, Donald A. Lent, Frank J. McCarron, William A. Naylor

Frank E.…

President: James Grady
Treasurer: J. H. Long
Clerk: Michael Twomey

Directors: Jas. Grady, Michael Sweeney, Samuel Wilson, J. B. Lord, Wm. Cullen, Robert Wilson, J. H. Long, Jas. Carney, Michael Twomey

The Association was organized…

The By-laws have 11 articles that includes:
Article I: Name; Article II: Quorum; Article III: Officiers and Their Duties; Article X: Dissolution; Article XI; Amendments

By-Laws as amended by the annual membership meeting March 21, 1959.

By-Laws as amended by the Semi-annual membership meeting of Sept. 26, 1953.