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This model was made by Theodoric Jones who was the first engineer at the Assabet Mills, about 1901-02, when the company began the manufacture of electricity. Mr. Jones was the Grandfather of Mrs. Arthur Price.

'George Corliss invented his…

This is a 40 cycle Type H Watthour Meter used in the Assabet Mills.

In September 1902, the Assabet Mills provided electric lighting for the towns of Maynard and Acton. It was 40 cycle current. When radio and other electrically operated equipment…

Subtitled "The Saga of the Lamplighter", this tells the story of how the streets of Maynard were lit by moonlight, oil lamps, gas and finally electricity: the benefits and a bit of what was lost...

The Boston Edison crew working on down electric wires and leaning pole at 127 Main St. The work crew is Charles Allan and his son Wayne.

With the installation of a dynamo in the new power plant, electricity became available and on September 1, 1902, a contract was made between the American Woolen Company and the Town of Maynard for lighting the streets of the town. Thus, the old…

A bill from the American Woolen Company's Electric Light Department, dated May 1929, for $4.20 for one month's worth of light.

Photograph of the Mill Power House taken in 1902 showing huge steam-powered generators, electrical distribution equipment, wiring, and the operators of the equipment.

Note: ages of employees, employee sitting on top of one of the generators and on…

Photograph of part of the Mill electrical power plant showing supervisors and staff. Generators and electrical distribution panels / switches are shown.