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This medal was sold in connection with the celebration on October 12, 1916 when a large parade downtown to Rev. John A. Crowe Park was followed by a speaking program and a barbecue. The purpose of the celebration was to raise money for the Soldiers…

A welcome home celebration occurred on July 4th, 1919 for the returning servicemen from WWI. There was a parade, speakers and presentation of the medal to each service man.

Photos of the medal and of a medal made into a keyring.

Medal won by B.J. Coughlin as first prize for a 2-mile walk in Maynard on March 2, 1889. "B.J.", as he was known to all, was not only one of Maynard's prominent citizens but he was also an outstanding athlete in his younger days - walking, running,…

Centennial Medal Blue Paperweight 1.JPG
Grand Marshall Award, granted to the Main Charter Belles for their float, July 4, 1971 during Maynard's Centennial celebration.

2nd prize won by Edwin Laurila in the broad jump at the first field day run by Frank J. DeMars Post American Legion on July 4, 1919.

Three versions of medals of a joint Finnish celebration of Rhode Island, Connecticut and Brooklyn.

Centennial Medal Blue Paperweight 1.JPG
Grand Marshall Award, granted to the Centennial Squares for their float, July 4, 1971 during Maynard's Centennial celebration.

Centennial Squares: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stevanazzi, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Vincent, Mr.…

Awarded to Dr. Raymond E. Hooper "In the name of the Congress of the United States for faithful and loyal service."

Centennial Medal Souvenir 1.JPG
Six Centennial souvenirs, which were based on the commemorative medals that were commissioned for Maynard's centennial celebration in 1971.

The face of the medal has the likeness of Amory Maynard, after whom the town is named. It is…

Two blue paperweights with embedded Centennial Medals that were awarded by the Grand Marshall of the Parade. This paperweight was an award given to the Main Charter Belles for its float in the Centennial Parade, July 4, 1971.

Names of those who…

Maynard 100th Anniversary Commemorative Medal, 1871-1971. This medal was presented at the April 19, 1971 birthday celebration by William Bennett, Chairman of the Centennial Executive Committee to Ralph L. Sheridan, President of the Maynard…

Two paperweights with Centennial medals embedded.

Two metal line cuts from which the Centennial emblem was reproduced.

A button with an American flag attached commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Maynard.

Two medals engraved with the phrase "Pro Patria" and the name C. E. Lent on one and Wm F. Baron on the other, Town of Maynard, Mass.

These medal were presented to all Maynard men who served in the the Armed Forces during World War I.

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Two sets of first run medals, one side only.

It was decided that each of the allies in World War I should each issue their own bronze victory medal with a similar design, similar equivalent wording and identical ribbon.
The British medal was designed by W. McMillan. The front depicts a winged…

A collection of medals earned by Sgt. Albert W. Connors, US Air Force, during WW 2. These are: 1)the Distinguished Flying Cross; 2)Campaign Ribbon with 3 stars and 2 Oak Leaves; 3)Campaign Ribbon; 4)Pin with 2 Oak Leaves; 5)Collar Insignia US Air…

The Victory Medal was awarded to Daniel F. Connors, US Navy, on behalf of a grateful town, Maynard, Mass. This award was given to World War I veterans.