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Front : Jim Lucchesi, John Ojalehto
2nd: Frithioff Tofferi, Jesse Sikila, Ivar Sjoblom, William Lehto, William Sjublois, Victor Hotakainen, Oskar Tofferi, Oskar Ahola, Katti Ruska, Toivo Frigard, Hjalkar Saarinen, William Kickola,

This book was owned by Harlan P. Maynard, , the son of William Maynard and the grandson of Amory Maynard.
The cover reads:
Harlan P. Maynard, Esq
Assabet Music Club
Assabet, Mass.

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A chronology of music makers in Maynard from the 1900s through the late 1940s. (At the time of its writing, the centennial authors planned to update it through the 1960s).

Formal portrait taken at the C. D. Holmes studio.

Variously referred to as the "Finnish National Band" and the "1st Temperance Society Band"

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Front Row: Pekka Pekkala, Hugo Kajander, Matti Sarvela, Matti Hekkala, ___?, ___?, Erick Huikari, John Forssi

Center Row: Oskari Saari, __Hilden,…

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l to r: George Lawton, Herbert Lawton, Jack Veitch.
The orchestra or sometimes referred as the LVL Trio was organized around 1900 and was under the direction of George Lawton. Herbert Lawton was a pianist.

Some of their appearances as gleaned…

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Front Row (5): Otto Helenius, Matti Siiri, Kalle Asiala, John Forss, John Linna

Center Row (6): Matti Sarvela, Paavo Suorsa, Matti Mattila (conductor), John Paavola, Matti Kangas, Aaroni Haapanen

Back Row (7): Sam Ruotsala, Hugo…

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The concert, sponsored by the Maynard Savoyards, was held at St. Bridgets Church and a reception at the school hall.

A 1975 picture of the winner of the John Philip Sousa Award in the Maynard High School Band.

Charles Garabedian on right

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Front: Oskar Saari, ___?, Frithioff Tofferi, ___?, Matti Heinonen, Peter Peterson, Charles Williams, Matti Kangas
Second: Henry Kaskiniemi, Victor Simila, ___?, Fred Amnel, Kirko Hiipakko, Paavo Suorsa
Third: John Forssi, Nestori Asiala,…

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Waino Kauppi, Maynard's famous cornetist, played with many famous bands, circa 1910-1930's, including the Sous's Band, Goldman Band in NYC and for many years was the leading player with the McEnnelly's Orchestra.

A remembrance of minstrel shows in Maynard by a well-known local minstrel.

1923 photograph of the Imatra Band playing at the Voses Pavilion.

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Front Row (14): Frithiof Tofferi, Hugo Torppa, Helge Saari, Aarne Autio, Bill Mikkola, Waino Maki, Matti Autio, __Saarinen, __Poikonen, Eino Kauppi, Aimo Kangas, Alex…

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Audio recording of an Maynard Historical Society Program: Tales for a New England Winter's Night with Frank Mark and Roy Helander. Frank tells stories about his immigration from Finland and life in Maynard at the turn of the 20th century. The…

Poster for a dance at Parker Street Hall with music from George Smith's Orchestra

A window card announcing a battle of the bands between Ralph Weckstrom and his orchestra vs. George Smith and his orchestra.

Two music albums issued during the Centennial of 1971. Featured Maynard Community Band, MHS Boys and Girls Glee Clubs, MHS Band, Maynard Community Chorus, and the Boiler Room Boys. Alex DeGrappo (Director), William Parenteau (Composer), Charles…

Wayside operated a recording center in old Colonial Hall on Main St., over the former F. W. Woolworth store - 31 Main St.