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A desk pen that was part of a desk set belonging to James V. King.

A desk calendar with the letter "K" embossed on the front. Removable month and day cards are inserted to meet the date.

The "K" is for James V. King, to whom this desk calendar belonged.

A letter opener that was part of a desk set belonging to James V. King.

This blotter is part of a desk set belonging to James V. King.

James V. King dedicated 45 years of service to the Town of Maynard, MA. He started his career in 1932 and retired in 1977. He retired in 1977 from his position as Town Accountant. This nameplate was a gift at his retirement.

Miss Katherine Sheridan was the Principal of the Calvin Coolidge School.

A set of wooden dumbbells given by Mrs. Kulevich, Maynard High School Physical Education teacher.

Eulogy written by Thomas Sheridan at the time of John Tobin's death.


l to r Front Row (9): Deb Gott, Marsha Parks, Maureen Justason, Mike Hanson, Linda Salmi, Kathy Kendra, Bob Barilone, Deb Killoran, Deb Landfear Center Row (10): Ken Agin, Keith McKenna, Pat Carton , Eileen__?, Pat Morrill, Dave Clark, John…

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Front Row (10): Elena Murphy, Chrystal ___?, Wayne Raikunen, Kathy Kendra, Francis Lemoine, Linda Salmi, Deb Leard, Deb Killoran, Mike Hanson, Nancy Gruber

Center Row (10): Helen Kibilda -Teacher, Mary Stigliani, Barbara Zancewicz, Steve…

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Front Row (9): Judy Smith - entirely hidden, Barbara Donaghue, Bill Cuttle, Paula Saarinen, Rosemary Allan, Christine Tupper, Marsha Hunt, Bob Roulliard, David Smith - partially hidden

2nd Row (7): Joe Lalli, Charles Syrjanen, ___?,…

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Front Row (8): ___?, ___?, Lois Staple, Paula Saarinen, Frank Catania, ___?, Mary Donovan, Judy Smith

2nd Row (7): Jon Hansen, Mable MacLellan, Doug Waluck, Nancy Tannuzzo, David Smith, Gary Phillips, Dave Jones

3rd Row (7): ___?, …

l to rFront Row (9): Judy Smith, Mary Donovan, Paula Saarinen, Lois Staple, Mable MacLellan, Terry Green, David Smith, Doug Waluck, Francis CataniaCenter Row (7): Charles Syrjanen, Steve Sokolowski, Diane Larson, Peter Popieniuck, Jon Hansen, Nancy…

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Front Row (11): ___?, Bonnie ___?, Judy Brown, Judy Ferranti, Billy Smith, Terry Green, Nancy Grierson, Carol Connolly, Timmy O'Driscoll, Ray Latva, ___?

2nd Row (7): David Chadwick, Bob Barber, Rudy Lattuca, Rita Lalli, Bentley…

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Front Row (7): Virginia Weckstrom, Carol Noshka, Judy Ferranti, Rita Lalli, Nancy Grierson, Terry Green, Louise Terrasi

2nd Row (7): JoHanna DeRosby, Fred Jaakkola, Barry Grant, Billy Smith, John Weir, Bob Barber, Christine Baker


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Front Row (10): Bob Barber, Jim Donovan, Bentley Bloomberg, Nancy Grierson, Dennis Thompson, Ed Gillaney, John Weir, Terry Green, Billy Smith, David Chadwick

2nd Row (7): John Hanson, Rudy Lattuca, Dennis Hansen, Barry Grant, Maureen…

Teacher: Mrs. Adelide Sims

Row 1:
Chas "Baseball" Syrjanen, David Smith, Steven Sokolowski, Gary Phillips, Paula Saarinen, David Moore, Douglas Waluck, Jon Hansen, Joseph Graceffa, Mary Donovan, Judy Smith

Row 2:
Frank Catania, Dennis Salmi,…

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? Richards, Kathy Lowe, Lonnie ?, Barbara Donaghue, Linda Helenius, Marlene Nelson, Joan Martell, Robert Brooks, David Jones, Douglas Miller

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Teacher: Mrs. Mary Carpenter

Row 1:
Michael Rosemark, John Merriam, Ronald Bradley, Jon French, Barbara Novick, Judy Brown, Marlene Nelson, David Jones, Joseph Mancini, ? Richards, Robert Rouilard

Row 2:
James Knowles, Jerry Marsh, Michael…

Row 1:
Robert Cox, David Hunter, Joseph Uglevich, William Martino, ? ?, Robert Whitney, Peter Kauppi, John Mullin, Jerry McDonnell

Row 2:
John Nelson, ? ?, Charles Coggins, Richard Mariani, James Malcolm, Ronald Massula, Al Manty, Matthew…