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This is the famous Polaroid OneStep Classic white with rainbow stripe camera and a “fixed focus” plastic lens. This camera was know as the Polaroid 1000 camera. Uses Polaroid SX-70 film.

Designed to complement the Polaroid SX-70 OneStep camera in…


The iconic Polaroid SX-70 OneStep camera is a staple of pop culture. First released in the mid 1970’s, it has been prominently featured in movies, TV shows, magazines, and more throughout the years. It inspired the Instagram app and many…


A black Polaroid Cool Cam camera.


This is the "No. 2A Buster Brown". It is a box type camera that was produced by Ansco of Binghamton, New York from 1916 to about 1920. The "No. 2" series itself was produced by Ansco from 1910 to 1924.

The "Buster Brown" model was Ansco's answer…


This is the stamp insignia of a camera club that existed in the 1930s.

Members included: Leslie Rivers, Arvi Stabell, Walter Luoma
Olavi Lampila, E. Saari, Rubin Aromaa, George Sivonen, Ray Niemi,
Herbert Puotsala, John Paakki, Sam Micciche.

A black leather Kodak Brownie camera.The Brownie was a series of cameras made by Eastman Kodak. Released in 1900, it introduced the snapshot to the masses. It was a basic cardboard box camera with a simple convex-concave lens that took 2 1/4-inch…


The much loved Brownie Hawkeye cameras have a moulded bakelite body and use a brilliant viewfinder. Sept 1950-July 1961: This is the Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model which is capable of accepting a wide range of Kodak pin and screw flash attachments.…


This Cine Kodak Model B 16mm camera features a Kodak Anastigmat 25mm f1.9 lens. The Cine-Kodak Model B was the second generation 16mm film camera from the Eastman Kodak Company, and was launched in 1925. Unlike their first 16mm camera the Model A,…

A folding bed camera for making exposures in 3¼×5½ inch postcard format on type No. 122 rollfilm. It was introduced by Kodak in 1903 and made until 1915. Early variants were expensive and had for example a combination of Kodak Automatic shutter and…


A black box camera from Eastman Kodak, ca.1909. The exterior has a pebbled faux black leather appearance. The Eastman Kodak camera weighs approximately 20.5 oz. The camera measures 3.5" x 5.25" x 6.25"


A wood and metal plaque with the names of the Maynard Country Club "Scramblers" from 1973-1994. The names are: Jenny, Morrill, Lembo, Napolatano, Fanning, Pound, J. Nowick, Higden, Dentino, Carleton, Cummings, S. Nowick, Taylor, Cunningham, J. Paul,…

A wooden plaque cetifying the Maynard Consumers Credit Union is a Member in Good Standing of the Credit Union League of Massachusetts, Inc.

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Back Row: Kenny Clark, Tommy Malloy, _____?, Donny Brown, Billy Tobin, Carmen Dunn, Ray Byrne, Albie Rogers, Tony Cutaia

Center Row: Henry Wolik, Albert Denby, Ernie O'Clair, Herbert Wuorio , Eddie Shubelka (?), Mary White (Worden),…

l to rTop Row: Joanne Colombo, Rita J. Creighton, Jean S. Erickson,, Patricia Duckworth, Eileen Bell, Mary E. White, Julia E. Wehkoja, Nancy L. Whitney, Alice T. Laskowsky, Elizabeth E. Brown, Mary T. D'Amico2nd Row: Grace M. Mulcahy, Marion M.…

Two red wooden awards for Participants in Maynard's 34th Olde Fashioned Christmas Parade, 2000. Philip Bohunicky is the award Sponsor.

A Participant Award for Maynard's Olde Fashioned Parade 35th Anniversary, 2001. It was awarded by Philip W Bohunicky.

A brown wooden Participant plaque recognizing "Let's All Be Clowns" theme of Maynard's 32nd Xmas Parade, 1998. The sponsor of the award is Philip Bohunicky.

A blue wooden plaque awarded at the 32nd Annual Maynard Xmas Parade "Let's Be Clowns",…

A brown wooden award for the Clark Tournament Small School Runner-Up Award, 1996.

A green wooden plaque for the Children's Award given during the Maynard Olde Fashioned Christmas Parade 2000. The Award sponsor is Philip W. Bohunicky.

A Field Day trophy awarded by the Frank Demarco Post A.L. to the Mizpah Rebekah Lodge, I.O.O.F No. 54, for First Prize in the Parade held July 5, 1920.

A glass and wood display case is used to hold the trophy. This display case was presented by…